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Municipality of Plușeni
Municipiul Plușeni


Capital cityPlușeni
Official language(s)Romanian
Official religion(s)Eastern Orthodoxy
DemonymBucureștean (ro)
- MayorGhiță Purcel (PNL)
Established20 October 2017
Area claimed~120 m²
CurrencyPlushunian Ban
Time zoneGMT + 2h
National animalTeddy bear

Plușeni, officially the Municipality of Plușeni (Romanian: Muncipiul Plușeni) is a municipality of Plushunia and the country's capital city. It was established in 2017 on the territory of the Bucharest region and remained a subdivision of that region until the August 2020 administrative reform, when the old, region-based system was replaced with a new one, which divided the country into 5 municipalities. Like most of Plushunia's territories, Plușeni is an enclave, being fully surrounded by Romania, and since the 2019 administrative reform, it is governed by local authorities headed by an elected Mayor. It is the second-smallest municipality of Plushunia (around 120 square meters), but the most populous (181 residents), being the economical, political and cultural center of the country. The municipality is divided in two sectors (Unirea and Plușurilor), each with its own local administration, and a special territory (Outer Plușeni), which is directly administrated by the municipal mayor.



Like all the administrative subdivisions of Plushunia, the Municipality of Plușeni is administrated by local authorities. The local administration is headed by a democratically elected Mayor, who appoints a Deputy Mayor and several secretaries (each having his own specific activity domain). Unlike other municipalities in Plushunia, Plușeni is divided into two sectors (Unirea and Plușurilor), which have their own local authorities, thus the responsibility for the administration of Plușeni is divided between the municipal Mayor and the two-sector mayors. Since Plușeni is the country's largest city, being home to around 40% of the Plushunian population, the office of Mayor of Plușeni is viewed as one of the most important political offices in Plushunia, thus it is usually held by a well-known, notorious politician, parties often having their leaders or former important public officials candidate in the election. The current Mayor of Plușeni is former Prime Minister Ghiță Purcel.

List of Plușeni Mayors
# Name Took office Left office Party
1 Judy Hop August 2019 29 December 2019 PD
2 Iepuroi Hop 29 December 2019 29 February 2020 PD
- Marin Caracatiță 1 March 2020 6 July 2020 PD
3 Ghiță Purcel 6 July 2020 Incumbent PNL


The Municipality of Plușeni is a mainly urban area, and the economy of the region is based on industries (construction industry, food processing industry, automotive industry) and services (apartment leasing, retail, HoReCa, public transport), but the industrial products and services are available only for the plush toy citizens and are only for domestic use. In the region, most buildings and land are state-owned and rented to the individuals, enterprises and cooperatives, and most of the enterprises are state-owned. The employment rate in the Bucharest Region is the highest in Plushunia (around 75%).

Geography and subdivisions

The Municipality of Plușeni is a small territory, only having a surface area of around 100 square meters. It is also the most populated region, however, 95% of the region's estimated 250 residents live in the Plușeni Municipality, a small, densely populated and highly urbanised area, which also serves as the capital city of Plushunia. The Plușeni Municipality is divided in the following subdivisions:


    -Special territory

Population Area (square meters) Mayor
Unirea 116 ~3.5 Peter Hop (PDL)
Plușurilor 61 ~2.5 Reginald Koenig (PC)
Outer Plușeni 4 ~110 Administrated by the Mayor of Plușeni