Save Plushunia Union

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Save Plushunia Union
PresidentIepuraș Slobozan
FoundedMarch 2019
Dissolved12 December 2019
Membership (2019)~10
IdeologyCivic Nationalism
Social Liberalism
Right-wing populism
Political positionSyncretic

The Save Plushunia Union was a Plushunian syncretic party founded in March 2019 following the merger of the National Front and the Plushunian Revolutionary Movement. The party had a syncretic, progressive doctrine, and was one of the largest political forces in Plushunia until the autumn of 2019, when the lack of a clearly defined ideology and of a strong leadership eventually led to several ideological disputes and splits within the party (two parties, the National Front and the Unity and Solidarity Party having broken away from the Union), decreasing its strength and popularity and leading to the USP leaders' decision to have the it merge with the Democratic Party.

Electoral performance

Election Votes won Seats won
March 2019 snap legislative election
79 / 327
7 / 30
2019 legislative election (DA common list)
92 / 315
4 / 25
October 2019 snap legislative election (DA common list)
79 / 299
1 / 20