Social Democratic Party (Plushunia)

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Social Democratic Party
Partidul Social Democrat
PresidentRilă Slobozeanu
Vice PresidentUrsu Polarescu
FoundedOctober 2017
HeadquartersStrada Industriilor 2, Plușeni
Membership  (2019)~30
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCenter-left
Official colorsRed
Seats in the Plushunian Parliament
4 / 25
0 / 7

The Social Democratic Party (Romanian: Partidul Social Democrat, short name: PSD) is a left-wing party from Plushunia, currently part of the Social Democratic Union. It is the country's second largest single political party by number of seats in Plushunian Parliament, with 5 out of 20 seats being occupied by PSD members. It is the main actor in the PSD - AL - PND coalition supporting the incumbent Government, which is headed by Social Democrat leader Rilă Slobozeanu. The party is known as the largest left-wing force in the country, adopting largely moderate stances, however it has undergone some degree of radicalisation since the merger with the Plushunian Socialist Party in December 2019.


Cățeluș Slobozeanu, Party President between October 2017 and 4 August 2018

The Social Democratic Party was founded in October 2017 by two middle class Plushunians, Iepurica Albescu and Iepurica von Waldorf, with Cățeluș Slobozeanu joining as a third member. Despite it was unknown in the beginning, the party quickly attracted new members, mostly from the working class, which apreciated the fact that the party was founded by fellow middle/working class citizens and by the party's ideology (social democracy), which is highly popular in neighboring Romania. Before the October 2018 elections, the party joined the Social Alliance, which won 10 seats in the Parliament, out of which 3 were given to PSD. During Iepuroi Hop' s tenure as Prime Minister of Plushunia, the Social Democrats were part of the opposition, although they were often in the shadow of the more prominent Toys' Worker Party (PMJ). After the Social Alliance won the Plushunian 2018 snap legislative election, the PSD got 5 seats in the Parliament out of the 20 seats won by the alliance, and became an important part of the Polarescu I cabinet, with the then-Party President Cățeluș Slobozeanu being the Deputy Prime Minister in the Cabinet. At the Vice Presidential election held in August 2018 the Social Alliance-supported candidate, PSD leader Cățeluș Slobozeanu, won the election and became Plushunia's 2nd Vice President. During the Plushunian Civil War, PSD supported the Government, however in the postwar era a split appeared between the Social Alliance parties and even within the Toys' Worker Party itself, with a radical faction consisting of the radical wing of PMJ (Polarescu, Vacuta Baciu) and the Popular Revolutionary Front breaking away from the alliance and forming the Plushunian Socialist Party. The remaining left-wing parties (Social Democracy Party and the moderate wing of the Toys' Worker Party decided to join the Social Democratic Party, increasing its political capital.

At the March 2019 snap election, the PSD won 9 seats, making it the largest single Plushunian party, although it remained in opposition for the next months due to the formation of a center-right coalition between the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats (ALDe) and the Save Plushunia Union (USP). After the Iepuroi Hop parliamentary immunity scandal in late June 2019, the center-right parties lost their majority in the Parliament, however then-Prime Minister Ghiță Purcel managed to form a grand coalition government with the PSD, the Purcel II cabinet. The new cabinet only remained in office until early August, when the Social Democrats attempted to force the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats to support PSD member Cățeluș Slobozeanu for the August 2019 Legislative President election by threatening to withdraw from the grand coalition. The ALDe however refused to support the Social Democrat, deciding to have their own candidate, thus the PSD went once again into opposition.


The position of the Social Democratic Party on the Political Compass chart

The party is a strong supporter of Social Democracy and other center and center-left ideologies like Social Liberalism. Unlike the other left-wing party of Plushunia, the Plushunian Socialist Party, the Social Democrats are supporters of economic privatisation and of the free market economy and attempt to accomplish workers' self management through employee stock ownership privatisation instead of state-imposed regulations and syndicalism.

Electoral performance

Election Alliance Votes won Seats won
2017 AS
164 / 475
3 / 25
2018 AS
204 / 300
5 / 30
March 2019
97 / 327
9 / 30
September 2019
88 / 315
7 / 25
October 2019
92 / 299
6 / 20
February 2020
87 / 356
5 / 20
September 2020 USD
87 / 341
4 / 25