Orthodox Church of Plushunia

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Church of Plushunia
Biserica Pluşuniei
Patriarchate of Plushunia

Founder Cățeluș I
Founded August 2018
Primate Cățeluș I, Patriarch of Plushunia
Headquarters Plușeni
Territory Plushunia
Language Romanian
Members ~350
Dioceses 3

The Orthodox Church of Plushunia (ro: Biserica Ortodoxă Pluşună), also known as the Patriarchate of Plushunia, is the official and only Eastern Orthodox church of mainland Plushunia. Its primate bears the title of Patriarch of Plushunia, and its jurisdiction covers the territory of Plushunia, but it is not recognised by the canonical Orthodox churches.

The Plushunian Church is, along with the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Church of Juclandia, one of the only three Churches in the Eastern Rite exclusively using a Romance language. Having been the only religious denomination in Plushunia until summer 2019, the majority of Plushunians are members of the Church.

The Plushunian Orthodox Church, despite not being affiliated to any macronational Orthodox church or authority, adheres to the Eastern rite, being similar to the Romanian Orthodox Church in dogma and organisation, and is known for being more liberal and more civically involved than the other Orthodox churches. It has 3 dioceses, the Diocese of Ialomița and Aurești, the Diocese of Plușeni and Plușenii Noi and the Diocese of Argeș, each led by a Bishop.