National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party (Plushunia)

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National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party
PresidentPuiuț Slobozeanu
FoundedJune 2018
Membership (2020)~5
Christian Democracy
Political positionCenter-right
ColorsYellow, green
Seats in Plushunian Parliament
0 / 25
Mayor seats
0 / 7

The National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat, short name: PNȚCD) was a center-right political party from Plushunia, active from June 2018 to January 2021. A small party, with no seats in the Plushunian Parliament at the time of dissolution, it spent most of its existence as part of the Liberal Alliance and its predecessor, the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats. It was formed in June 2018, after the agrarian faction of the Christian Democratic Union decided to split away from the party, and has been a political partner of the National Liberal Party since July 2018. Originally a medium-sized party, support and membership of the PNȚCD declined in time, nowadays the party being considered by many to be a small party which only manages to survive on the political landscape due to it being "towed around" (welcomed in alliances, given government positions) by their Liberal partners, and has had an almost continuous (except for the February–September 2020 period) presence in the Parliament, however in December 2020 it managed to lose its only MP, which became an independent, following a dispute between the Liberal Alliance and their ex-partner, the PDL, and in January 2021, after losing several important members to the PDL, the party dissolved.



The National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party was founded in June 2018 under the name of the "National Peasants' Party" after a faction of the Christian Democratic Union, wanting to found a party with more focus on the country's rural population, decided to break away from the party. The new party, led by Puiuț Pufoșel and Puiuț Slobozeanu, adopted "conservative agrarianism" as its official ideology, and ran in the June 2018 legislative election on the list of the Democratic Convention, winning 3 seats. However, the Democratic Convention was defeated in the election, and the party decided to re-orient itself in July 2018 towards founding a new alliance with the National Liberal Party and the Christian Democratic Union. The same month, a merger took place with the latter, with the Peasants' Party maintaining its leadership and structure, while allowing clergy (who played an important role in the Christian Democratic Union) and other Christian Democrats to become the party's candidates for elections, to officially incorporate Christian democracy as one of the party's ideologies, change its name to "National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party" and accept an official sponsorship from the Church of Plushunia.

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