Plushunian legislative election, October 2019

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Plushunian snap legislative election, October 2019

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All 20 seats of the Plushunian Parliament
11 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 57.39%
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Rilă Slobozeanu Donald Duck and Iepuraș Slobozan Ghiță Purcel
Party Social Democratic Party (Plushunia) PD, USP PNL, PNȚCD
Alliance Democracy and Truth Alliance Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats
Leader since 2018 2019 2018
Last election 7 8 6
Seats won 6 6 5
Seat change 1 2 1
Popular vote 92 79 74
Percentage 30.77% 26.42% 24.75%
Swing 2.83% 3.10% 1.58%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Iepure Portocaliu Ursu Polarescu
Party PUS, PC, PPUN Plushunian Socialist Party
Alliance Unity and Dignity Alliance (Plushunia)
Leader since 2019 2019
Last election 1+1 [1] 2
Seats won 2 1
Seat change Steady 1
Popular vote 35 19
Percentage 11.70% 6.35%
Swing 0.04% [2] 1.27%

Prime Minister before election

Ghiță Purcel

Prime Minister after election

Ghiță Purcel

Snap elections for the Plushunian Parliament were held in Plushunia on 27 October 2019, following the enactment of the October 2019 constitutional and electoral reform, which made several changes to the state authorities of Plushunia, including replacing the bicameral legislature of Plushunia with an unicameral, 20-member Parliament. The election was held using a party-list proportional representation system, with all 20 members of the Parliament being elected from a single, national constituency (unlike the September 2019 elections, which had one constituency for each region of Plushunia), and resulted in tie between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democracy and Truth Alliance (DA), with a governing coalition eventually being formed by the Social Democrats and the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats (ALDe), coalition which supported ALDe leader Ghiță Purcel for a new term as Prime Minister.

  1. Won by constituent parties at the last election
  2. Calculated from the scores of the constituent parties in the last election