Independent Social Party (Plushunia)

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Independent Social Party
Partidul Social Independent
PresidentCățeluș Slobozeanu
Vice PresidentRilă Slobozeanu
FoundedOctober 2020
Membership  (2020)~10
IdeologySocial democracy
Social liberalism
Political positionCenter-left
Official colorsMagenta
Seats in the Plushunian Parliament
1 / 25
0 / 7

The Independent Social Party is a center-left party from Plushunia. It is a small party, with only one representative in the Plushunian Parliament, having been founded on 18 October 2020 by the Imoderate faction of the Social Democratic Party decided to break away from the party following the election of socialist Ursu Polarescu as the leader of the Social Democrats and several disagreements with the party's new leadership.