Rilă Slobozeanu

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Rilă Slobozeanu
5th Prime Minister of Plushunia
Assumed office
26 July - 12 September 2020
President Cristian Dobrev
Predecessor Iepuroi Hop
Successor Iepuraș Slobozan
President of the Social Democratic Party
Assumed office
4 August 2018 - 14 October 2020
Predecessor Cățeluș Slobozeanu
Successor Ursu Polarescu
Personal information
Born Not known
Citizenship Plushunian
Nationality Plushunian
Ethnicity Toy (Plush)
Political party PSI (October 2020 - present)

PSD (June 2018 - October 2020)

Profession Politician
Religion Church of Plushunia

Rilă Slobozeanu is a Plushunian politician, Prime Minister of Plushunia between 26 July and 13 September 2020. The leader of the country's largest left-wing party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), between August 2018 and October 2020, he has also served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Polarescu II and cabinets, and as Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration in the left-wing Polarescu II cabinet. Since 21 October 2020, Slobozeanu is a member of the Independent Social Party, a moderate left-wing party that broke away from the Social Democratic Party after the radical wing of the PSD managed to overthrow Slobozeanu and his moderate colleagues from the leadership of the party in mid-October 2020 and replace them with a radical left-wing leadership.

Considered by many to be a moderate social democrat, Slobozeanu has been Plushunia's most influential left-wing politician since the fall of the Polarescu II cabinet, and is most known for having the Social Democratic Party and the Plushunian left as a whole distance from the radical socialism of the Polarescu era and strongly establishing his party as a moderate political force, open to collaboration with right-wing parties such as the National Liberal Party. After the Social Democratic Party turned towards more radically left-wing stances, Slobozeanu lost most of his popularity within the party, eventually being overthrown from the leadership of the party and going on to participate in a new political movement, the Independent Social Party.