Plushunian Socialist Party

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Plushunian Socialist Party
PresidentUrsu Polarescu
FoundedDecember 2018
DissolvedDecember 2019
Membership (July 2019)~8
Political positionLeft
ColorsRed, Golden
AnthemThe Internationale

The Plushunian Socialist Party (Romanian: Partidul Socialist Plușun, acronym: PSP) was a left-wing political party from Plushunia. It was founded in December 2018 following the merger of the Toys' Worker Party and the Popular Revolutionary Front. The party's leader since its foundation is the well-known left-wing politician Ursu Polarescu. The party was known for being the main advocate for more radical left-wing policies in Plushunia, however it was slowly overshadowed by the more moderate and larger Social Democratic Party, eventually being absorbed by it in December 2019.


The party was founded in early December 2018 through the merger of the Toys' Worker Party and the Popular Revolutionary Front, two parties of socialist orientation, at the time part of the then-governing Social Alliance, the political force supporting the Polarescu II cabinet (led by Toys' Worker Party leader Ursu Polarescu).

Electoral performance

Election Percentage Seats won
Mar 2019
12.84 / 100
4 / 30
Sep 2019
7.62 / 100
2 / 25
Oct 2019
6.35 / 100
1 / 20