Government of Plushunia

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Slobozan III Cabinet
13th ministry of Plushunia

Date formed 4 January 2021
People and organizations
Head of government Iepuraș Slobozan
Head of state Cristian Dobrev
No. of ministers 11
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 11
Member party PDL
Status in legislature Majority cabinet
Opposition party PNL, PSD, PND, PC
Opposition leader Ludovic Purcel, Rilă Slobozeanu, Iepure Portocaliu
Election(s) 21 March 2021 (confidence vote of the Parliament)
Legislature term(s) 14 March 2021 - present
Previous Slobozan II cabinet

The government of Plushunia (Romanian: Guvernul Plușuniei) represents one of the two parts the executive branch of the Plushunian state (the other part, having a mostly ceremonial role, being the office of the President of Plushunia). It is headed by the Prime Minister of Plushunia, and consists of 14 ministers with a designated portofolio. One of the ministers, usually the Minister of Interior and Defence, is appointed as Deputy Prime Minister, and assists the Prime Minister in their duties, replacing them if they are unable to exercise their function or in the event of resignation or death.

The Government is the public authority of executive power that functions on the basis of the vote of confidence granted by Parliament, ensuring the achievement of the country's domestic and foreign policy and that exercises the general leadership of public administration. The Government is appointed by the Prime Minister on the basis of the vote of confidence granted to the Government by the Plushunian Parliament, the Prime Minister being in turn appointed by the President of Plushunia.


The Government has been in existence since the foundation of Plushunia, and originally it served as the country's sole legislative and executive authority, originally not requiring parliamentary confidence and being directly appointed by the Prime Minister, and following the 2017 legislative election, which resulted in the center-right Democratic Convention gaining a majority of the vote, Democratic Convention leader Iepuroi Hop was appointed to serve as Prime Minister under a provisional cabinet, whose main goal was to organise the Parliament and the other institutions of the Plushunian state in accordance to the results of the election, while also serving as a temporary legislative body.

Although the establishment of the key institutions of Plushunia was rather slow due to the many difficulties faced by the Hop I cabinet, the Parliament was ultimately organised in June 2018, and the Government ceased to function as a legislative authority. Weeks later, the Hop I cabinet was removed by a motion of no confidence, and following snap elections a new cabinet, led by Ursu Polarescu, was sworn in, this time with a confidence vote from the Parliament. As several cabinets succeeded each other, the procedures and role of the government became more and more well-defined, however they were not codified yet, being upheld solely by convention.

Eventually, in August 2019, Prime Minister Ghiță Purcel decided to codify the basic principles of the Plushunian state in what became the first constitution of Plushunia. Thus, the cabinet was established by Article 13 of the aforementioned constitution, while individual government positions were established by the Cabinet Act, a separate legislative document. The August constitution did not last for long, being replaced in October with a much more expansive document, an adaptation of the Constitution of Romania, the Government being established by Article 100, its role, composition and functioning being defined in Articles 100-115.

Current composition

Office Name Party In office since Term end
Prime Minister Iepuraș Slobozan PDL 21 March 2021 Incumbent
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs and National Defence Judy Hop
Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration Marin Caracatiță
Minister of Justice Pisic Plușeanu Ind.
Minister of Economy, Public Finances and Commerce Cățel Plușeanu PDL
Minister of Labor and Health Ollie Caracatița
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Puiuț Pufoșel
Minister of Environment and Tourism Broscoi Plușeanu
Minister of Education and Research Oița Baciu
Minister of Transports and Infrastructure Luminel Plușeanu
Minister of Culture and National Identity Horațiu Pferd
Minister of Communications and Digitalization Puiuț Chițăilă

Former Cabinets