Plushunian legislative election, September 2019

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Plushunian legislative election, 2019

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All 25 seats of the Plushunian Parliament, 12 out of 14 seats in the Regional Council of Plushunia
Turnout 60.46%
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Donald Duck Rilă Slobozeanu Ghiță Purcel
Party PD, USP Social Democratic Party (Plushunia) PNL, PNȚCD
Alliance Democracy and Truth Alliance Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats
Leader since 2019 2018 2018
Last election 7+3 P [2] 9 P 10 P [1]
Seats won 8 P / 5 R 7 P / 3 R 6 P / 4 R
Seat change 2 P 2 P 4 P
Popular vote 93 88 73
Percentage 29.52% 27.94% 23.17%
Swing 5.37%[3] 1.73% 10.16%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Ursu Polarescu Iepuras Croșetă Reginald Koenig
Party Plushunian Socialist Party Plushunian National Unity Party Conservative Party (Plushunia)
Leader since 2019 2019 2019
Last election 4 P New Party New Party
Seats won 2 P / 0 R 1 P / 0 R 1 P / 0 R
Seat change 2 P 1 P 1 P
Popular vote 24 19 18
Percentage 7.62% 6.03% 5.71%
Swing 5.20% New Party New party

Prime Minister before election

Ghiță Purcel

Prime Minister after election

Ghiță Purcel

Elections for the Plushunian Parliament and the Regional Council of Plushunia were held on 9 September 2019 in Plushunia. All 25 seats in the Plushunian Parliament and 12 out of 14 seats in the Regional Council of Plushunia were contested using a party-list proportional representation system. The election resulted in the partial victory of the Democracy and Truth Alliance, which failed however to form a coalition government. It was the only election in Plushunian history when a bicameral legislature was elected and when the country was split in electoral districts, with the following legislative election reverting to the old system due to difficulties with bicameralism.


The September 2019 election was the first election to take place on term since 2017 (the on-term elections in 2018 being cancelled by the Polarescu cabinet because of the then-ongoing civil war, and the other elections have been snap elections triggered by the resignation/dismissal of Prime Ministers and their cabinets), so it had a full 1-month electoral campaign, during which parties announced their political programs and their candidates for the Parliament and Regional Council. A total of 6 political forces, either parties (the Social Democratic Party, the Plushunian Socialist Party, the Conservative Party and the Plushunian National Unity Party) or multi-party alliances (the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats and the Democracy and Truth Alliance), decided to participate in the election.

Electoral system

As with the March 2019 election, a closed-party-list proportional representation system was used for the Parliament election, the country being divided however in electoral districts corresponding to the regions of Plushunia, each region being allocated a number of Parliament seats (Bucharest region - 15 seats, Ialomița region - 6 seats, Aurești region - 2 seats, Argeș region - 2 seats) which were then distributed proportionally through the Droop quota method. This election was however the only one in which seats in the other legislative body of Plushunia, the Regional Council (established through the August 2019 constitution, disestablished by the October 2019 amendments), whose 12 members were elected by the same procedure, except each region was allocated the same number of seats (3).

Competing parties and pre-election agreements

The Democracy and Truth Alliance

The Social Democratic Party

The Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats

The Plushunian Socialist Party

The Plushunian National Unity Party

The Conservative Party


e • d Election for the Plushunian Parliament, 9 September 2019
Parties Results
Seats % Votes %
Democracy and Truth Alliance 8 32% 93 29.52%
Social Democratic Party 7 28% 88 27.94%
Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats 6 24% 73 23.17%
Plushunian Socialist Party 2 8% 24 7.62%
Plushunian National Unity Party 1 4% 19 6.03%
Conservative Party 1 4% 18 5.71%
Total 25 100% 315 100%
  1. At the preceding election, the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats also included the Democratic Party, which has since left the alliance, forming the Democracy and Truth Alliance
  2. The Democracy and Truth Alliance didn't exist at the time of the previous election
  3. Calculated from the votes of USP in the last election, as PD was then part of ALDe