Liberal Alliance (Plushunia)

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Liberal Alliance
Co-leadersLudovic Purcel
Puiuț Pufoşel
Reginald Koenig
Founded12 December 2019
Headquarters3 Industriilor Street, Plușeni, Plushunia
Membership (2020)~30
IdeologyClassical liberalism
Conservative liberalism
Political positionCenter-right
ColorsYellow, blue
Seats in the Plushunian Parliament
8 / 31
3 / 7

The Liberal Alliance, formerly known as the PNL + PNȚCD + PC Alliance, is a center-right political alliance in Plushunia. It was founded on 12 December 2019 and it currently has 3 member parties, the National Liberal Party, the National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party and the Conservative Party. It is the wecond largest political force in Plushunia by number of seats in the Plushunian Parliament, and it is currently part of the right-wing coalition supporting the Slobozan I cabinet. Before the Plushunian February 2020 snap legislative election, it has been the main actor in its coalition with the Social Democrats, coalition which supported the Purcel IV and V cabinets.