United Empire of Nirfo

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United Empire of Nirfo
Nirfo COA.jpg

Shrouded in Glory
Teroden lied
Capital cityTeroden
Official language(s)English (Common Place) German (Occasional)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- EmperorLeo I (Deutsch:Leopold I)
Established27th December 2017 (De facto) 1st January 2018 (Officially)
Patron saintSt Brian

The United Empire of Nirfo is a micronation located in the United Kingdom that proclaimed its independence on 1st January 2018 although being a functioning entity for 4 days prior (27th December 2017). The Empire was once a part of the League of Micronations from February 6th 2018 to July 31st 2018.



The Government of the United Empire of Nirfo is headed by the Monarch, HIH Emperor Leo I with no government entity able to overrule him. There is only a basic Code of Governance in which the Laws of Succession are stated. Even on a provincial level there is only a Imperial leader, no elected officials. The only province that doesn't abide by this system is Garagia which works under a Protectorate in which HIH Emperor Leo I practices indirect rule over Garagia while a High Chief rules directly but must rule within Nirfoese Law.

Foreign relations

Despotate of Vlasynia - Began diplomatic relations in 2018 and continues sporadic diplomacy into the present day.

Egan - Former allies during Spring 2018 although broke off relations after Egan refused to aid Nirfo in the Great Laurencian War. They continued hostile relations until a brief friendly diplomatic relations in 2020 although since March 2020 relations remain hostile.

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