Lazen Valenat

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Ex-Prime Minister and Ex-Supreme Leader of Neutnacia comrade Lazen Valenat
President of Neutnacia
In office
04 June, 2018
Predecessor First president
Successor position disappeared for a time
Supreme Leader of Neutnacia
In office
04 June, 2018-27 July 2018
Predecessor First supreme leader
Successor position disappeared
Personal information
Born secret
Birth name secret
Citizenship Hungarian
Nationality Hungarian
Political party none
Religion Reformed

Lazen Valenat was the Supreme Leader of Neutnacia.


His born place and birth name was a secret under the communist control, too. His birth date became a secret under the new government. On 6 June 2018, he declared the independence of the Neutfere People's Republic, and make himself President, then, in 5 June, Supreme Leader. He gave 4 awards while his government (he gave them to himself except the Prime Minister-award). While the Neutfere Fascist Revolution (read more at the pace of Neutnacia), he could stay at power while the Adan Kingdom annexed the Neutfere People's Republic. The King's soldiers took him to a prison, and gave him to the Neutfere Police when Neutnacia reunited. The Union took the Gubam and the Profet-award, the Gubam's penfriend, the friend of the Profet and the enemy of Martonim names from Lazen Valenat, they finished and prohibted his busdriver work, and his pope and Supreme Leader position. They took his Neutfere citizenship, and he got banned from Neutnacia.


2018. 06. 04. Our Enternal Statefounder
2018. 06. 05. Gubam-award (to the best soldier of Neutnacia) (award was taken back)
2018. 06. 05. Prime Minister-award (the Prime Minister awards a man after all elections)
2018. 06. 10. Profet-award (who did the most to the Gubism) (award was taken back)

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