Odessa People's Republic (2018)

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Odessa Peoples Repubilc (2018)

[[w: Sultanate of Sulu|]]

Flag of Odessa People's Republic.png2000px-Coat of Arms of Odessa (1999).svg.png

Workers of the World Unite"

450px-Yugoslavia 1956-1990.svg.png
Capital city Titograd
Largest city Odessa
Official language(s) French •
Demonym Odeser • Odeser
Government Presidential Republic
Legislature Assembly
Established April 1 2018
Area claimed 59.39 km2 (22.9 sq mi)
Population 2789
Currency Dinar
Time zone UTC-4:30

The Odessa People's Republic is one of the Claimant States to be Successor state to the Sultanate of Sulu and the Odessa People's Republic (2014)