2018 Micronational Games

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2018 Micronational Games
Host Principality of Andany
MottoThe Key to Success
Nations participating6
Athletes participating12
Opening Ceremony17 March
Closing Ceremony1 April
Officially opened byPablo Macias
Preceded byBelia 2016
Succeeded byNone
VenueGinepro, Andany
WebsiteOfficial Andany 2018 Website

The 2018 Micronational Games, officially the IX Micronational Games and formerly known as the 2018 Intermicronational Olympic Games was between March and April 2018 supposedly hosted in Ginepro in the Principality of Andany. Bid elections were held from 10 January 2018; through February 1, 2018.

Fraud allegations against Andany 2018

Andany 2018 has been the subject of many allegations several months after it took place due to the fact that many athletes that weren't present were awarded medals and that it was not hosted in the supposed location of Sardinia. However, these allegations were ignored until September 2018 when the allegations were revealed as correct.

In September 2018, questions in regards to the location of Andany, along with other Andany related topics arose due to another scandal involving Andany. More questions were raised as to where Andany's real physical location was and if Andany 2018 even happened. On September 14, 2018 Pablo Macias the "Prince" of "Andany" admitted that Andany and himself were located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA which made the claims of Andany 2018 null and void.

Also in September 2018, the Micronational Olympic Federation which had merged with the Micronational Olympic Group voted to strip all members of the Andany National Team of their medals due to the various allegations and scandals related to Andany.

Official Participants

Europe Americas Asia
Principality of Andany
People's Republic of Kaion Empire of Millania and New Granada


Medal Table

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Andany 7 3 2 12
2 Leugdeveuce 4 3 2 9
3 Millania 4 1 3 8
4 Kaion 3 2 1 6

Opening Ceremony

To watch the opening ceremony, click here

The Andany 2018 opening ceremony consisted of the Olympic torch lighting the Great Cauldron, a brief snippet of Andany’s foundation, country introductions, and the Andanian National Anthem, the Leaves of Oak, being played.