Charles I, Prince of Phokland

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HIM/HSH Prince Charles I of Phokland
His Imperial Majesty and Serene Highness Prince Charles I, Viceroy of Phokland and Tsar of Lanzantonia
Perkins.png Head of the Viceregal House of Ross
In office
27 April 2018 - Incumbent
Predecessor himself
Successor Incumbent


Tsar of The Tsardom of Socratia
In office
27 April 2018 - 3 November 2018
Predecessor King Jevon I
Successor Tsar Sean I
Press Minister of the Viceroyalty of Phokland
In office
1 December 2018 - Incumbent
Predecessor Sir James Ellis
Successor N/A
Tsar of The Empire of Lanzantonia
In office
19 November 2018 - Incumbent
Predecessor Emperor Francis I
Successor Incumbent
Personal Information
Born 30 January 2003
Birth name Charles Aelred Ross
Citizenship DoshevikanFlag.png Principality of Domanglia
Residence Pflag3.png Viceroyalty of Phokland
Religion Holy Roman Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance Below⬇
Service/branch The Coast Guard of Phokland and the People's Army of Lanzantonia
In service Coast Guard: December 11 2017 - present

Lanzantonian Army: 12 August 2018 - 24 September 2018

Rank Coast Guard: Admiral of the Phoklandian Fleet

Lanzantonian Army: Grand Marshal and Chief of General Staff

Commands Mangolian War 1 and 2

Prince Charles I (of Phokland) is a Phoklandian/Domanglian Statesman serving as the current Reigning Viceroy of the Viceroyalty of Phokland, Tsar of the Empire of Lanzantonia and Local Press Minister of the Viceroyalty of Phokland. He was granted the honorary title of Hereditary Prince of Phokland by Prince Dominic of Domanglia. He is thus the current Prince of Phokland and is the founder of the Viceregal House of Ross.

Personal Coat of Arms

Early Life

Prince Charles I in early/mid 2016

Prince Charles was born on 30 January 2003 in the State of Arizona, United States. He is the only son of former United States politician Kevin M. Ross. Prince Charles grew up in the town of Gilbert Arizona where he attended primary and secondary school. This eventually transitioned into the Viceroyalty of Phokland upon it's creation in December of 2017.

Micronational Carrier

Prince Charles began his micronational carrier in 2007 when he created the Kingdom of Rosston in the playground of his primary school until it's dissolution in 2013. Following the restoration of Rosston (now renamed Phokland), Prince Charles was selected as Prime Minister of the now defunct People's Republic of Phokland in December of 2017. From there he became the monarch of the Principality of Phokland, a position that later evolved into Viceroy for the Viceroyalty of Phokland. In addition to this on November 19th 2018, Prince Charles was unanimously elected as the next Tsar of the Empire of Lanzantonia. It is important to note that even though Prince Charles holds the title of Tsar of Lanzantonia, this title may only be used ceremonially and outside of certain situations, he is only referred to as Prince.


Prince Charles has received the following awards:

Indecencia: Medal Y5.png The Universal Medal for Bravery in Command

Indecencia: Medal Y7.png The Order of Democracy.


Prince Charles is the Head of Government of the Viceroyalty of Phokland.

Secondary Duties

Due to Lanzantonian citizens non-participating in presidential elections, Emperor Jevon Allen Perkins made Charles I, Prince of Phokland the Acting President of the Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia until the 22nd of September 2018 when he was succeeded by President K. Bennett and Vice-President L. Holt. Shortly thereafter, Lanzantonia ceased to exist. Being replaced by the Democratic People's Union of Yorkshire.

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