Alexander Augustus

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His Majesty
Alexander Augustus
Shah Alexander in full ceremonial dress
Shah of Raphistan
in office
15 September 2021 - 12 April 2022

Shah Alexander Augustus I of Raphistan was a fictional character who was portrayed as the Shah of Raphistan. "Reigning" from the nation's independence from Graustark-Dawsbergen to its evolution into the Grand Emirate of Raphania, he was alleged to be a member of the Royal House of Ross, though this was untrue as in reality, Shah Alexander was a character created by micronationalist Charles Ross.


According to legends, Shah Alexander took the reigns of control over Raphistan (also known as Raphania) following the independence of the nation from Graustark-Dawsbergen in late 2021 and the sudden need for leadership.

Apparent Reign

After taking control of Raphistan, the Shah led the nation through its founding and initial development, helping to cement its place in the micronational community.

However, controversy surrounded his often despotic leadership and there was several calls within Raphistan itself to depose the Shah and/or replace the government all together.

This opposition would later turn into the Raphanian Revolution and from April 8 to the 12th of 2022 a coupe would be launched which in the end led to the overthrow of Shah Alexander and his government.


Within the real world, Shah Alexander was created as a fictious character of micronationalist Charles Ross as a way to create a "fantasy boogy-man, a stereotype tyrant who could take the piss out of the overzealous micronational leaders and people who believed he was real".

Within the community, this character allowed for more creative freedom from Ross when running Raphistan at that faze. This however became unnecessary as Ross wished to take Raphania out of its fictional activities and re-establish it as a serious (albeit eccentric) micronational endeavor and due to changes within the makeup, structure and functionality of Raphistan (renamed to Raphania), the Shah Alexander I character was retired on April 12, 2022 and has since been considered by Charles to be "killed off".