Hosamian Civil War

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The Hosamian Civil War
TylerRebelFlag.png DabmasterFlag.png
Conflict: The Hosamian Civil War
Date: January 2018 - April 2018
Place: New Britain Province
Outcome: Dabmaster Victory, The Dabmasters kicks Tyler and his supporters out of the nation and are publicly shamed
TylerRebelFlag.pngTyler Revolutionary Forces DabmasterFlag.pngThe Dabmasters
TylerRebelFlag.png Tyler DabmasterFlag.pngDabmaster Hosam
1 General, 5 Unarmed Infantry 1 General, 12 Unarmed Infantry
Casualties and Injuries
0 0

The Hosamian Civil War was a conflict between the Tyler Revolutionary Forces and the The Dabmasters. The reason is Tyler wants no law in the Dambasters and declares himself Emperor with locals supporting him and loyalists supporting the Dabmasters, there were a few skirmishes and battles but the Dabmasters came out on top due to lack of rebel activity.

The reason there is no declaration because this was a small informal and local conflict, on April 2018, the Dabmasters declared an official victory so Tyler and his supporters were kicked.