New Britain Colony

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New Britian Colony
Colony of Hosamia
Flag of New Britian Colony
Coat of arms of New Britian Colony
"Barbaric part of Hosamia"
ColonyMyFlag2.svg Principality of Hosamia
EstablishedSeptember 1, 2018
 • GovernerSovereign Prince Hosamulas
 • Total2 (Temporary)

During the beginning of 8th grade, Hosamia claimed this school, and many things happened since but these are highlights

Battles of the Far Edge

These battles are one of the biggest native conflicts involving more then 10 barbarians in it in may 2. in gym, Crown Prince Hosamulas saw the far edge of the school, a soccer field, so he decided that since the school owned it, it should be part of Hosamia! He saw more then 10 barbarians inhabiting the field, he asked if any of them owned the field and one said yes. He then said that it is now his and they must peacefully give ownership, of course no one did so he attacked.

1st Battle of the Far Edge

He attacked most of the barbarians there, causing mass panic across the whole field, many fled for their lives but eventually, most of them got hit with the blue pool noodle, They surrendered and Hosamulas left to get his mobile foam fort.

2nd Battle of the Far Edge

Hosamulas went to the edge of the soccer goal and built a fort there, 2 people came up to him to recognize the Kingdom of the Flowers, the first micronation in the school that is not influenced by Hosamia. waves of barbarians claimed the land causing Hosamulas to attack again, same as last battle, then went back to the fort, Hosamulas was talking to the Flowerians and the barbarians until Beloved, the chief of her tribe, tackled the Crown Prince out of nowhere and causing him to flee, losing the second battle and losing claims.


In May 3, Hosamulas finally claimed some of the land peacefully.

Military Exercise with The Flowers

The Kingdom of the Flowers have made a Flowervian-style fort with the Prince of Hosamia, therefore confirming that they are friendly with Hosamia but they are not allies yet.

End of the Colony

The principal banned Hosamulas from even talking about micronations, how is he supposed to govern the school if he can't even talk about that? The colony ended on May 14, 2019.