Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict

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The Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict
BabikiriaFlag.PNG MyFlag2.svg
Conflict: The Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict
Date: March 2019 - April 13, 2019
Place: Backyard
Outcome: Principality of Hosamia gets the Backyard
BabikiriaFlag.PNGRepublic of Babikiria
BabikirDynastyFlag.pngDisgruntled Dynasty Members (from April 8, 2019) MyFlag2.svgPrincipality of Hosamia
BabikiriaFlag.PNG President Babikir MyFlag2.svgSovereign Prince Hosamulas
1 General, 3 Unarmed Infantry 1 General
Casualties and Injuries
0 0

The Hosamian-Babikirian War was a conflict between the Republic of Babikiria and the Principality of Hosamia. The conflict was caused due to unclear claims on the backyard.

Until April 2019, nothing had progressed in the conflict until it was found that the President of Babikiria took the flag and Prince Hosamulas took the flag back and placed it on the backyard and Babikir even got his sisters to take the flag on April 8–12, 2019.

The reason there is no declaration because this was a small informal and local conflict, on April 13, 2019, President Babikir said Prince Hosamulas can have the backyard.

Treaty of Imperial Throne: Article 1: The backyard is part of Hosamia in the Imperial Province. Article 2: Babikiria must not go to war with Hosamia for 6 months.

Signed by: Prince of Hosamia and President of Babikiria