New Brittonic Tribes

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The New Brittonic tribes refer to the residents of New Britain who are either not micronationalists and not related to micronationalism at all, there are many of them in Hosamia and other unclaimed land, these tribes mentioned are the documented ones, keep in mind that people could be part of multiple tribes.

Beluvian Tribe

Led by Beloved, this tribe is in the New Britain Colony and is very aggressive to Hosamia, there are 2 members, during the 2nd Battle of the Far Edge, Beloved had successfully attacked Prince Hosamulas and put him to the ground.

Wasilian Tribe

This refers to the tribe of Wasil, a Hosamian Citizen, used to be part of, it consists of his family and are completely inside Hosamia, they are very friendly towards Hosamia as they take care of the Prince's sisters sometimes, they have 4 members.

Aaronin Tribe (extinct)

These were the Aaronin before they created their nation, they had recently became civilized and created the Empire of Aaronland, before they were 4 members that were neutral to Hosamian control, they were supposedly led by Codi.

Kailian Tribe (extinct)

These were the Kailians before they became civilized, they had only 2 members with Kaila supposedly leading them, they had neutral relations to Hosamia, they are now the Empire of Kailia.

Hosamian Tribe (extinct)

These were Hosamians before Hosamia, they came from Oman and Sudan and settled in New Britain, eventually forming the most influential micronation in the New Britain Sector, the Principality of Hosamia.