House of Babikir

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House of Babikir
CountryTequrovidean Sub-Duchy of Hosamia
TitlesFief of Hosamia
Current headBabikir
EthnicityArab, Sudanese, Omani, American



It started when Hosamia was born, back then, the dynasty has a lot of infighting between them, especially between Hosamulas and his siblings, which could cause many problems down the line, as time went on, the 2 oldest siblings united more and more causing the core population to reach 2 people.

List of monarchs of the House of Babikir

Arms Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Hosam'sCOA.png Fief Hosamulas 19 September 2016 ' Himself. Founder, House of Babikir.


Babikir will be the heir to the Tequrovidean Sub-Duchy of Hosamia.