Tequrovidean Sub-Duchy of Hosamia

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Tequrovidean Sub-Dutchy of Hosamia
Coat of arms
Motto: For Hosamia and For Tequrovidea!
File:New London, United States
Largest cityKinhos and Balway
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Fief
Fief Hosamulas
EstablishmentJune 13, 2019
• Census
CurrencyHosamian Dollar

The Tequrovidean Sub-Duchy of Hosamia or the 3rd Principality of Hosamia, more commonly known as Hosamia, is a micronation in New London, currently a protectorate of Tequrovidea.


The name is a combination of Hosam, the first ruler, and ia.



Remnants of the Hosamian tribe joined Ticronvidia as a protectorate due to high autonomy and free protection, the only person there is the prince himself and currently fields a local army, it is the only successor state to the previous Principality of Hosamia.


It ended when Hosamulas unified this protectorate to Babikiria


Hosamia returned when Hosamulas destroyed the Babikirian crown, therefore ending Aboudia, this took place on July 6, 2019

New London

Hosamia changed his capital to New London on July 7, 2019, this is the first time Hosamia was not in New Britain


In August 25, 2019, Ticronvidia became a puppet of Cycoldia, making Hosamia a sub-duchy

Politics and government

It is an absolute monarchy, which means the Fief could do anything he wants

Law and order

The laws cannot contradict Ticronvidian laws due to its status but other then that the laws are controlled by the Fief

Foreign relations

All of its relations are controlled by Tequrovidea due to its status

  • Tequrovidea Overlord, friendly relations
  •  Cycoldia Overlord of Overlord, friendly relations
  • Manche Established relations, pretty friendly
  • Wolcottia, Established relations, pretty friendly
  • Tüng Empire Recognize each other, pretty friendly


Hosamian Armed Forces

Administrative Divisions

Flag Name Annexed Population Governor
Proper Hosamia Province July 13, 2019 1 Fief Hosamulas
Zeavell Province September 18, 2019 1 Fief Hosamulas

Geography and climate

It just consists of 2 houses in New London, with the climate of well...New London.


Doesn't have one but does have a few companies responsible for Hosamian products

Culture and media

Very similar to American culture, but with a more religious look, weeb culture is also pretty popular there