Proper Hosamia Province

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Proper Hosamia
Flag of Proper Hosamia
ProvinceEarldomOfHosamiaFlag.png Earldom of Hosamia
EstablishedSeptember 19, 2016
 • GovernorEarl Hosamulas
 • Total1

This is the 1st province of Hosamia, containing 2 villas, one of which is the capital, the name means that this is the "Core" of Hosamia.


When Babikiria annexed Hosamia on June 1, 2019, Lesser Hosamia became a state of Babikiria and changed it's name to Lesser Babikiria.

End of Wasilville

When Hosamulas and his citizens left Babikiria, the villa of Wasilville became abandoned due to no micronation controlling it.


Once Hosamia returned from the unification with Babikiria, the Lesser Hosamia Province returns and changes its name to Proper Hosamia