Republic of Babikiria

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Babikiria, officially the Republic of Babikiria or Babikirian Republic, was a micronation founded on March 16 2016, and was an constitutional republic with President Babikir as the first and final president.

Republic of Babikiria

2016 — 2019

Coat of Arms

Capital cityCapitalcoco
Largest cityNew Britain
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
- PresidentPresident Babikir
- Last election - _
EstablishedMarch 16 2016
DisestablishedApril 13 2019
GDP (nominal)0


The word Babikiria is a combination of Babikir and ia, which means land.


The history began with a republic.

Republic Era

Babikiria began as a republic with Babikir being the only president for many years due to no term limits and nobody else wanted to challenge him, it was based off the US government.

Native Conflicts

During the Republic, a bunch of natives formed the Fortnite Coalition in October 2018 to challenge Babikiria, they declared war and battled the Babikirians fiercely until they were annexed on November 2018, after that the conflicts subsided.

End of the Republic

It ended with Babikir said he could be ruler and everyone agreed.

Government and politics

the President does the executive stuff while the Council does everything else.

Administrative divisions

Provinces are the populated areas of the Republic that are the core Babikirian land.

Flag Name Annexed Population Governer
CapitalcocoFlag.png Capitalcoco March 16, 2016 1 President Babikir
BabikirianNewBritainFlag.png New Britain State March 16, 2016 16 President Babikir

Law and order

Law and order are made by the council, the president could only enforce these laws.

Foreign relations

It recognizes all UN members and all micronations.


There is a military but a disorganized mess of soldiers .

Past Wars

Fortnite Conflict, Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict

Geography and climate

Climate is just the normal weather in Connecticut and there is a school and part of a room as its land.


There is no economy.


Babikirian culture is heavily influenced by American culture.


There is no media other than the President's inactive YouTube channel.


Image Name Born Became President Ceased to be President Relation to previous President
President Babikir March 14, 2008 March 16, 2016 April 13, 2019 Office established