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Republic of Mycus
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We shall never surrender!!!
Hop Dawaj Dawaj
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Capital cityMycus City
Official language(s)English, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian(partially), Serbian(partially)
Official religion(s)Multicultural
GovernmentSemipresidential Republic
- PresidentTheXanada96
- Vice-PresidentGiacoxXenon
- General SecretaryDariz xX
LegislatureAssembly of Mycus
- Type - Unicameral with an advisory body.
Area claimed0.5 hectare
Population300~ (registered members) 7 (stable)
Time zoneUTC + 1:00


The Mycus Republic was a micronation founded in Europe.

Links to group: Facebook page Crew of GTA Discord The group also has a on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. called both MYCUS Group. Contacts: YT channel Twitch channel


The Beginning:

In 1912 after the crisis of the Italian Socialist Party and after the National Congress of Rome the socialist factions were divided between those who wanted a strong and nationalist government, those who wanted absolute freedom with reformist ideas, and those who wanted a middle way. Then there were violent clashes between the socialists in the meantime there were numerous attacks against the Italian monarchy.

In 1919, the order of the Black Sickles founded by Umberto Balsamo, During the "Biennio Rosso", was founded in Naples. He was the author of attacks against the bourgeoisie and against Italian government structures

During the Fascist revolution the Black Sickles were in favor of Mussolini and remained at his side, adopting the idea of "black communism" a sort of national communism.

Members of the Black Sickles in 1920.

During the allied occupation of southern Italy the Black Sickles split between those who were with the fascists and those who were with the allies. those who remained in fascism in 1944 were surrendeed while the others after the war ended the last remaining self-appointed in Yugoslavia.

Those who remained in Italy after the dissolution of the Italian Social Republic and the fall of the Italian Monarchy, founded the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) or Partito Comunista Rivoluzionario (in italian, PCR)

The PCR has always re-established contacts with members who had fled to Yugoslavia only since 1984, since the beginning of 1990 after the closure of the Yugoslavian Communist League they founded the New Socialist Yugoslavian Order based in Zagreb but it was closed 2 years later escape from the war in Croatia, and have taken refuge in Slovenia. The PCR officially dissolved in 2010 due to the crisis in Italy.

The Valerian period:

In 2011 the Socialist Republic of San Valerio was founded by the children of PCR members was established with head of state Valerio Santorini with various territories owned all over the world, it was a single party republic, and a new president was elected every 12 years. In 2013, a coup came to power Lorenzo Ochetti who proclaimed himself King of San Valerio, changing the name to Kingdom of San Valerio, but because of his "pressure" to the people, on 20 march 2014 a revolution breaks out where he was captured and sent into exile.

Since then San Valerio became a Republic and changed its name to Republic of MYCUS but during the revolution many territories were lost during the revolution.

The MYCUS Republic was born officially on 2 August 2014, through an agreement of the high representatives of MYCUS as a community on the internet, but has become a recognized nation only in 2018.

The Eastern Region of Xenarticland has it has been sold to "Autonomous State of Dariz" but it has moreover been given to members of the Mycus community. MYCUS Republic also claims a region of Slovenia, Since 2018 the Republic has taken control of Hans Island, Imia/Kardak, Matthew Island, Hunter Island, Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

The republic has always been managed by the MYCUS Group In December 2018 the Republic of MYCUS decided to dismantle the government by de facto and de jure marking the end of the First Republic of MYCUS, in April 2019 it was decided to create the Second MYCUS Republic named Emergency Interessantist Republic, and a project for the future, creating the "Nova Italia Project" which will be presented at the UMNI Congress of July 2019.


The Republic of Mycus was a multicultural country and had a diverse culture. In 2016 there 94% Christian,4% Muslim,0.96 % Hindu,0.04% Buddhist & 1% Other.


It had 3 active and 5 reserve personnel equipped with soft air rifles. It had a navy of 2 ships, a motorboat, and an old wooden boat.


The police of the Mycus Republic was the main police force of Mycus City. It was charged with the day to day enforcement of Law and order. It was an unarmed force, in line with the government's 'Policy of Peaceful existence'.


The MYCUS Republic did not give much importance to sport, in fact it was opposed to any type of supporters fierce in sport, the Republic has adopted Gaelic football as a national sport because it considered it much more interesting than the normal one, but had also adopted it as a sign of friendship with Irish members. The MYCUS Republic had a national team or the MYCUS Football Team which is used both for the football team and for Gaelic football. It also owns a sports league the MYSL (MYcusian Sports League) where any sport was practiced.

Geography and Climate

Its territory was a narrow strip of flat land on the Danube river The climate varies with cold winters and humid summers, with a series of perspectives well distributed throughout the year.

In the Antartic region the territory is hilly with an Antarctic climate that is between -25 °C and -40 °C.


The Mycological economic system was a socio-economic system in which primary goods and public services were available without the use of money, credit, exchange or debt. But to the work done by the individual in the state (how to make a separate collection or volunteer). The premise on which it was based is on the fact that it is necessary to use any resource present in a politically and physically owned area considering that the earth was a closed system, thus aiming at low-cost renewable sources. this system practices rations through monetary methods based on the situation in the country.

Foreign relations

The MYCUS Republic established and maintained diplomatic relations with other nations recently, and the nation's diplomatic apparatus was constantly developing.


This is a collared dove, is a very present bird in the area, symbol of hope in the MYCUS Republic

Mycusian culture was similar to the Slavic ones. People were very open and always willing to work.

Government and Politics

The Republic of Mycus was a semi-presidential republic. It'is a system of government in which a president exists alongside a prime minister and a cabinet, with the latter two being responsible to the legislature of a state. with the latter two being responsible to the legislature of a state. It differed from a parliamentary republic in that it has a popularly elected head of state, who was more than a purely ceremonial figurehead, and from the presidential system in that the cabinet, although named by the president, is responsible to the legislature, which may force the cabinet to resign through a motion of no confidence.

The Republic of Mycus as a advisory body called the Council of Members. Tge members could decide or give advice for the group.

This is the official passport of the MYCUS Republic

Constutution of MYCUS Republic:

Article 1. The Republic of MYCUS is a semi-presidential republic founded on labor, where sovereignty belongs to the people, is based on the principles of democracy. Article 2. The Republic guarantees the inviolable rights of the people, and requires the exegution of the mandatory duties of political, economic and social solidarity. Article 3. All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law without making any distinction. Article 4. The Republic recognizes all citizens the right to work. And it recognizes only those who really engage in work and in society. Article 5. Everyone has the right to express and spread his opinions freely with words, writings and images, and to inform himself without impediment from sources accessible to all.They are guaranteed freedom of press and information through radio and cinema. No censorship can be established, and false information can not be disseminated. Those who do will be punished according to the law. Article 6. Our constitution is rigid and short.

the MYCUS Republic has the pocket 2 & pocket 3 area.

There are 5 political parties

Party Name Members Leader Foundation Date Assembly of Mycus
United Mycus 8 TheXanada96 4 August 2014
5 / 10
New Communist Party of Mycus 6 Dimitru Xanadinu 18 July 2015
3 / 10
Obamist Party of Mycus 2 Dariz xX 10 November 2017
1 / 10
Free Liberal Party 7 JF 1900 17 February 2016
0 / 10
Fascist Party of Mycus 4 GiacoxXenon 6 June 2015
1 / 10
Independent N/A N/A N/A
0 / 10


Territory of Mycunia & the Colony of Xenarticland
Territories of Mycus
Name Pop. Area (m²) Establishment Governor
Mycus City 6 536 23 January 2016 TheXanada96
Xenonia 1 1500 19 March 2017 GiacoxXenon