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Gruppo MYCUS
The logo of the MYCUS Group
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Founded atRome
TypeVideogame Community on Discord and video game development organization
PurposeFounding a great Community and develop games
ProductsVideogames, programs, illustrations.
Membership (2020)
ca. more than 200
Official language



Discord server

MYCUS Group is an italian group founded in 2013 by TheXanada96 and GiacoxXennon In January 2018, MYCUS Group create his micronation, the First MYCUS Republic, but it failed on 2019. MYCUS Group is also a community opened to videogaming, youtube activities, and especially developing games.


It was founded in 2013 by TheXanada96 and GiacoxXenon, but and was re-founded in April 2016 with the arrival on Steam and on Discord, but in 2018 with the addition of other members to the group, it grew,

Micronational Activity

During the period 2015-2017, Xanada on a Minecraft server named Alexland his first micronation controlled by MYCUS, but the server closed down and there have been attempts to refound it several times on other servers, but fails due raids by others.

On January 2018, TheXanada96 founds his first real (but non-serious) micronation: the First MYCUS Republic and joins to FederMicroITA, but failed in the 2019.

Over time, Republic of Damazia becames the official MYCUS micronation, from August 2018 until 2 June 2019.


MYCUS a group that aims to bring many people together to create a community to share passions with others, where everyone can feel free to share their common interests, we also want to build an office in Italy where we will work in the creation of videogames and if possible give credit to those artist who have a great mind and imagination.

Key People

Most of the staff of MYCUS


Founder of the MYCUS group, programmer and director of the group.

20-year-old boy with dreams, always interested in the world of video game programming since he was a child. Recently he is taking manga drawing and 3d modeling lessons.


Moderator of the MYCUS Group, animator and editor.

In his YT channel It mostly brings loquendistic gameplay of retrogaming video games and 2D animations.


sketcher, Art Designer

A great artist, famous Italian pooper, passionate about naval engineering and animation.


Executive producer of the games and writer of the plot.

Twenty-year-old boy passionate about video games who wants to let the world discover his ideas.


Sketcher, Animator, Designer

Active artist of MYCUS, author of most images that are used in games.


Music composer, Editor, Sound programmer

Cofounder of MYCUS, author of music and sound effects in some games.


Level Designer, Editor

Passionate about video games and semi-loquendist, the series on Medievil, Pokemon and Metal Gear Solid stand out


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