Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane

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Federation of Italian Micronations
FederMicroITA (FMI)
Nova FMI.png

Headquarters Rosignano, Bagheria

Official language Italian

Membership 9

Chairman TheXanada96

Establishment 28 Febrary 2018


The New Federation of Italian Micronations (it: Nova Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane), also known as Nova FederMicroITA, Nova FMI or FederMicroIta, was a federation of italian and italophonetic micronations.

FederMicroITA is a micronationalistic project made by TheXanada96 and Sorvaino, with the purpose to use micronationalism for a hobby for MYCUS Group.

FederMicroITA is a project open for all the italian micronationalists.

Logo of Federazione of Micronazioni Italiane (the old FederMicroIta)


At the Failureof FederMicroITA, its registered countries are 9:

But there are present also many failed micronations, here is a list of the failed micronations

Actually TheXanada96 was the member of Nova FederMicroIta and another members of N-FMI were Messia Moresby, Sorvaino, Marco Escarotico, Simone Malia, Gabriele Pasqua and Rock Mann. They represented the New FederMicroITA.


FederMicroITA has got many affiliated associations, this is a list of that associations:

Mycusian Football is based on gameplays at PES2018 or at another football videogames. MFMF organized in Damazia the first edition of the Micro World Cup.