Micro World Cup (MFMF)

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Micro World Cup (MFMF)
Number of teams12
Current championsN/A
Most successful team(s)N/A

The Micro World Cup (MFMF) is a virtual micronational football world cup, the founder is Gabriele Pasqua, President of Damazia, but the competition is organized by Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football and this competition is opened to all the micronations of all the world.

All the matches are played with Pes2018.


To partecipate at Micro World Cup (MFMF):

  • Summon the 23 players who represent the team and a Coach. Specify the role in which they play. the players are all imaginary or amateurs, but their name must be from the region where the micronation is located (for example your micronation is in Italy, your players has italian names)
  • Communicate to the MFMF the uniform (both at home and away) of the team and possibily the logo of the national federation of football. all of that material must be sent at telerosignano@gmail.com or in another modality where you can get in touch with Sorvaino.

Editions of Micro World Cup (MFMF)

Year Host Winners Score Runners-up Third place Score Fourth place Number of teams
Damazia TBC N/A TBC Silence Kingdom 3-1 Luxe 6
People's Democratic Republic of Taos TBC N/A TBC TBC N/A TBC 12
People's Republic of Nova Italia TBC N/A TBC TBC N/A TBC 12