Republic of Magna Roma

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Meritocratic Republic of Magna Roma

Bandiera romana 2.pngStemma SPQR.png

Magnae spes altera Romae.
Capital cityVia Roma
Official language(s)Latin, Italian
Official religion(s)Catholic
Short nameMagna Roma
GovernmentMeritocratic non-partisan republic
Grand Council
LegislatureRoman Senate
Established2 June 2019
Area claimed2 km²
CurrencyItalian Lira , Ymcus
Time zone(UTC: +1:00)
National sportEuropean Football
National dishPizza
National drinkWine
National animalPeregrine falcon

The Meritocratic Republic of Magna Roma (Lt: Meritocratia Reipublicae Roma Magna, commonly called Magna Roma).

Meaning of Flag

The flag of Magna Roma is a modified version of the Italian tricolore, changing the green stripe with a yellow stripe and the Coat of Arms on the centre. the yellow stripe is most patriotic and symbolizes Panlatinism and the values of ancient Rome the white color symbolizes creativity and imagination and the red color symbolizes the strength and vitality of the nation.

Constitutionally, Magna Roma has many official flags, but all these flags had the Roman Symbols. On the Costitutione (Latinized term for indicate the official Costitution, the Coat of Arms is officially used for all the official documents and it is the only true symbol which represent the micronation, but it does not explain the description of the emblem.


Magna is a latin word of the term "grande" in english is translated in "greater". The founders declares that their micronation is one of district of Rome the micronatios is based on meritocracy.

For this politics Magna Roma parties are not allowed in the constitution, so it is based on a non-partisan system.


First Republic of Chelandia

Samuele Cheli's passport of Chelandia, created on 2015.

Samuele Cheli, fond of flags, geography and sport, is born the 5th december 2000 in Cecina (LI) and lives all the life in Rosignano.

Since childhold, Samuele Cheli draws imaginary continents map and countries, and draws the flags for these many maps. Chelandia appears many times in that maps, as an Empire, as a Commonwhealth, a Republic or a kingdom. Since childhold, Samuele Cheli prefers the republic at the monarchy.

The name Chelandia has it's origin to Samuele Cheli's surname, and it was a republic based on family.

The tricolor green, white and blue is the original flag of Chelandia: Green represent the nature, blue symbolize the sea and white the freedom. Green and blue are also Samuele Cheli's favourite colours.

In 2013-14 Samuele Cheli creates in middle school a role play with his sister Anhylia. In this times, Samuele Cheli involved also his classmates, but the role-play losts his fame in a short time. Un that role play the flag is Green, white and blue with a red circle and a yellov triangle.

In this times, Samuele Cheli inquired about the micronations, and in 2014 he proclames officially the independence of the Republic of Chelandia as a real territory. Samuele claimed his house and the house of his grandfather as territories. Samuele Cheli was autoproclamed president of the national bank and his father, Marco Cheli, was proclamed the president of the republic. over time, the Chelandia often changes borders, coming to claim the totality of the province of Livorno and the south of the province of Pisa as virtual claims.

Chelandia changes also his type of government, and Samuele Cheli continues to draws representation of Chelandia as a fictional country in a fictional maps.

Republic of Chelandia mades the passport of the micronation and also project for a money, initially a Lira, postely the Fiorino. On the next, Samuele Cheli founds Chelandia's Football Federation in 2014.

the micronation, however, lost popularity also for the founder, and the end of the micronation will be announced in 2016. only in 2018, with the birth of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, were officially pubblished informations about Republic of Chelandia. Meanwhile, Samuele Cheli tried to create new micronational projects, for example, the Six Roses Republic or the Duchy of Rosignano.

The flag of Chelandia as a micronation was a tricolor Green, White and at the centre of the flag it was a red writing "CHL", it is the first 3 letters of every fiscal code (in Italy) of a person who have the surname Cheli. That symbol represents the family.

Republic of Damazia in 2018

The official map of Damazia, produced by Samuele Cheli.

Damazia is born in 2016 by Gabriele Pasqua and initially it was a utopian country in Antarctica. In 2017 Gabriele Pasqua proclames the Principality of Damazia.

The flag of the Principality of Damazia is a tricolor with horizontal stripes, Blue, White and Orange. at the centre of the flag, there is the coat of arms of the italian region of Abruzzo.

During the fail of the first FederMicroIta, Gabriele Pasqua starts to organize the 2019 Micro World Cup in Damazia. Samuele Cheli helps Gabriele Pasqua for this.

Damazia was a monopartitic country because no exists another political parties, and of conseguence, Damazia becomes a de facto monopartitism. The only registered political party was the Orange Flag Party, a democratic political party.

Gabriele Pasqua starts to write the constitution of the Republic of Damazia, but the project remained aloof. Many articles of this project were used for the Costitution of the Republic of Damazia, written a few months later.

During 10 August 2018, Samuele Cheli declares which has no time to follow micronations and decided to have Comvorlistan annexed into Damazia. Gabriele Pasqua accept this. Thus begins the golden age of Damazia.

Samuele Cheli becames writes the constitution of the Republic of Damazia, and based it to the costitution of the LPRoR, to Italian constitution and to the former Gabriele Pasqua's project.

Damazia becames a pluripartitic country, but the left is the only accepted political corrent. the Orange Flag Party change the name into Eagle Order's Party, and it was founded the Mycusian Party of Damazia (and it becomes the greatest political party), and the Nationalist Party of Damazia.

Samuele Cheli also works for a national soccer championship and creates eight teams for the championship, four of that are Comvorlik teams (Sei Rose, Pobeda Rosignano, Pastina and Bibbona), three of this are Damazian teams (Libertas Gran Sasso, Dinamo Damaziopoli and Atletico Damaziopoli).


On 4 April 2019, Magna Roma apply officially the Anagrafe Nazionale, a document which is registered all the citizens of the micronation. 12 citizens are registered in 10 June.

Meanwhile, LennLoquendo becomes a citizen and proclaimed the District 07 - Napoli.

In 13 June 2019, Samuele Cheli and [[TheXanada96] organize an economic plan retrofitting the Ymcus and the Italian lira.

During 5 July 2019, Magna Roma counts 10 Districts and 23 citizens, two of them are in approvation. The District 03 - Rosignano is economically organized and Samuele Cheli founds the District 10 - Virtualia, a virtual district.

On 10 July 2019 the two citizens in approvation are approved and Magna Roma counts officially 23 citizens and also organize a Referendum for saturday, 13 July 2019, about the District reform. On 14 July 2019 the districts are reformed, and it becomes just one district(Via Roma). Meanwhile, from 15 July to 18 July, Magna Roma becomes officially inactive, but Samuele Cheli starts to create the Minecraft server of Virtualia. Magna Roma returns active just for the Economy on the District 02 and the creation of the Virtual server.


The Culture of Magna Roma is based, on the other different culture of Italy, and takes many traits from ancient roman culture.

Peregrine falcon

The Peregine falcon, is taken as a national animal, because it symbolizes the strength, resistance, vitality and courage of the nation. Moreover it is also a symbol of Italian Peninsula.

European Football

Tipical of Italian culture, european football is the national sport of Magna Roma. The politics promuoves sport, but actually in M,agna Roma you can just plays virtual sports (with videogames). Actually the official sport is Mycusian Football, it is virtual football played with PES2018, A football game for PlayStation 4 with a very good space for personalize teams and players. The Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football organize the Micro World Cup, the official MFMF tournament for micronations.


A photo of many drinks in Magna Roma.

In Magna Roma there is a good drinking culture, Magna Roma favourite drinks are analcoholic and carbonated drinks, for example the Spuma, a well known drink just in some lands of Central and Northern Italy. But the Wine is officially the national drink of Magna Roma for the ruby red color and for its philosophical value linked to the times of Rome re-recognized as the source of the first and main pleasure of life. Magna Roma recognizes any health problems that can cause carbonated beverages and alcohol, but the government does not adopt policies of discouragement or encouragement for such drinks. The culture of food is not missing in Magna Roma, Neapolitan dishes such as Pizza are adopted as national dishes. In Magna Roma people like also Pasta very well, and also Tuscan steaks.

Red Azalea

the red azalea has been adopted as a national flower because it symbolizes temperance, passion, the importance of the family, the luck for the nation and the unity of the people.


Magna Roma decided to disband any military force from August 2019 for its anti-war policies, However, there is a small police force for internal security.

Foreign relationships

The Republic of Magna Roma officially recognizes many micronations.

When Magna Roma was founded in 2 June 2019, Samuele Cheli signs the diplomatic relationships with Lorenzo Valente, president of the People's Republic of Tawil and great friend of Samuele Cheli about micronationalism. Magna Roma and Tawil becomes two countries linked to the same thread of revolution.

During the month of July, the governament of Magna Roma signs many treaties for diplomatic relationships with many micronations.


Magna is a Meritocratic republic, for this reason, the president is elected by a popular vote, listed by a circle of deserving people (such as economist, bankers, artists, philosophers, scientists and programmers)

In Magna there are no parties and they are banned by the constitution, this is because according to many philosophers of Magna Roma the particratic system is corrupt and they are born to divide the people, destroying the principle of free and direct democracy.

The president is part of the Grand Council. The charge of Presisdent of Magna Roma is 1 year, Every year in the month of june there are the elections.

The Costitutione

The "Meritocratia Costitutione Reipublicae Roma Magna" is the Magna Roma's official constitution, and it has 65 articles.

Magna Roma cannot apply all the articles of the Costitutione for many problems linked to the inactive and still underdeveloped population and linked also to the capital city still to buy.


Geographically, Magna Roma only control one street in the city of Rome, and they don't have many resources.


Magna Roma is an emergent micronation, and actually it has just an economy based on technology and primary sector. The whole economy is managed by MYCUS Group, a company known for the video games they are developing.