People's Republic of Nova Italia

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People's Socialist Interestist and Meritocratic Republic of Nova Italia

Nova Italia Bandiera.pngNova Italia Stemma.png

Uniti insieme per il popolo e per il futuro!
Bandiera Rossa (Бандиера Росса)"

Capital city Nova Italia
Largest city Rosignano
Official language(s) Italian, Mycusian Dialect
Official religion(s) Atheism
Short name Nova Italia
Demonym New Italians (Neoitaliani)
Government People's Interesrist parliamentary republic
- Consules Alessandro Balsamo and Samuele Cheli
- Central Comitee's President Simone Malia
Legislature Green Senate
- Type - unicameral
Established 2 June 2019
Area claimed 2 km²
Population 23
Currency New Italian Lira (ITL)
Time zone (UTC: +1:00)
National sport European Football
National dish Pizza
National drink Spuma
National animal Collared dove
This country is a member of UMNI.

The People's Socialist Interestist and Meritocratic Republic of Nova Italia (it: Repubblica Popolare Socialista Interessantista et Meritocratica di Nova Italia) commonly called People's Republic of Nova Italia or Nova Italia, is a territorial micronation founded in 2 June 2019 by the MYCUS Group, which occupies many territories in Italy.

Nova Italia is based on the precedent micronation, the Emergency Interessantist Republic, so Nova Italia is a micronation based on Interestist Ideology and it is a monopartitic republic with two consules. For the creation of this micronation, the MYCUS Group members are inspired to the Federal Republic of St.Charlie and the People's Republic of Suriga.

Nova Italia claims just 4 houses (one in Rosignano, one in Bagheria and one in Lecce), a Demolished village in Rosignano and a farm in central italy. The Farm, still to choose and to buy, will be the capital city named Nova Italia.

The farm will be also the seat of the MYCUS Group and the MYCUS Group has opened a crowdfunding for the project.

Meaning of Flag

Nova Italia hasn't an official flag, just an official Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms of the People's Republic of Nova Italia is present in all the flags of Nova Italia.

The most used flag of Nova Italia is a modified version of the italian Tricolore, changing the green stripe with a yellow stripe and the Coat of Arms on the centre. The Tricolore with the yellow stripe was the flag of Benevento and Samuele Cheli declares the Benevento flag is most patriottic than the actual Tricolore, because before the Risorgimento, the white was the colour used for all the flags of all the kingdoms and governments, red and yellow are the colours of ancient Rome and many lands in Italy during medieval and rinascimental eras.

However, the three main colors of the MYCUS Group are Black, Green and White. Black symbolizes progress our tenacity and our struggle for freedom and for MYCUS Group's social and technological development, green represents the progress and continuous development of our creativity and the positive values ​​of the group and white symbolizes the equality and the struggle for the ideas of change, it also symbolizes the development of collectivity.

The MYCUS Group Flag is an horizontal tricolor with the three colours mentioned in the order in which they were cited.

The People's Republic of Nova Italia adopted officially the MYCUS Group Flag with Nova Italia's Coat of Arms on the Centre, the red flag (symbol of communism) with the Coat of Arms on the centre, but Nova Italia adopted also the original tricolor of Italy with Nova Italia's Coat of Arms.

Constitutionally, Nova Italia has many official flags, but all these flags had the official Coat of Arms. On the Costitutione (Latinized term for indicate the official Costitution of Nova Italia), the Coat of Arms is officially used for all the official documents and it is the only true symbol which represent the micronation, but it does not explain the description of the emblem.

The Coat of Arms is created with socialist heraldry and sees on the right an ear of corn and on the left a branch of laurel, symbolizing the peasant class. inside the emblem there is a yellow wheel and a red sun. the sun is behind an industry and we can find a turtledove in the center of the emblem. the branches mentioned above are linked by a tricolor ribbon with the word "Nova Italia" and the red star at the top. the red sun represents the future of Italy, while the wheel and industry represent the working class.

The tricolor ribbon is with the colours of the real italian Tricolore: Green, White and Red.


Initially the name was to be the People's Republic of MYCUS, but Samuele Cheli declared that name was just a former name for the project, and Samuele Cheli, at the time president of Chelandia, wanted to declare independence only after buying the farm.

During the Emergency Interessantist Republic's period, Samuele Cheli decided to unify Chelandia and Damazia with the name of Nova Italia. The MYCUS Group accepts the new name, but Alessandro Balsamo initially criticize the name, but accepts the name.

The Complete Name was decided to Samuele Cheli the 11 May 2019, during his inspection of Aniene Village, claimed by the Emergency Interessantist Republic but never officially conquered.

Nova is a latinized version of the term "nuova" in english nuova is translated in "new". The founders of Nova Italia declares that their micronation is a new Italy. This new Italy is based on interestism, a new ideology based on meritocracy, extreme communism and technology. For this motivations, Nova Italia is a People's Socialist Interessantist and Meritocratic country.

Interestism criticize also the abolition of the country present in communism and anarchy, but is extremely critic about monarchism, and for this, Nova Italia is a Republic and it is claimed on 2 June 2019 (73 years ago, in 2 June 1946, Republic wins the referendum for the head of government).

For this politics Nova Italia's official name is People's Socialist Interestist and Meritocratic Republic of Nova Italia.


First Republic of Chelandia

Samuele Cheli's passport of Chelandia, created on 2015.

Samuele Cheli, fond of flags, geography and sport, is born the 5th december 2000 in Cecina (LI) and lives all the life in Rosignano.

Since childhold, Samuele Cheli draws imaginary continents map and countries, and draws the flags for these many maps. Chelandia appears many times in that maps, as an Empire, as a Commonwhealth, a Republic or a kingdom. Since childhold, Samuele Cheli prefers the republic at the monarchy.

The name Chelandia has it's origin to Samuele Cheli's surname, and it was a republic based on family.

The tricolor green, white and blue is the original flag of Chelandia: Green represent the nature, blue symbolize the sea and white the freedom. Green and blue are also Samuele Cheli's favourite colours.

In 2013-14 Samuele Cheli creates in middle school a role play with his sister Anhylia. In this times, Samuele Cheli involved also his classmates, but the role-play losts his fame in a short time. Un that role play the flag is Green, white and blue with a red circle and a yellov triangle.

In this times, Samuele Cheli inquired about the micronations, and in 2014 he proclames officially the independence of the Republic of Chelandia as a real territory. Samuele claimed his house and the house of his grandfather as territories. Samuele Cheli was autoproclamed president of the national bank and his father, Marco Cheli, was proclamed the president of the republic. over time, the Chelandia often changes borders, coming to claim the totality of the province of Livorno and the south of the province of Pisa as virtual claims.

Chelandia changes also his type of government, and Samuele Cheli continues to draws representation of Chelandia as a fictional country in a fictional maps.

Republic of Chelandia mades the passport of the micronation and also project for a money, initially a Lira, postely the Fiorino. On the next, Samuele Cheli founds Chelandia's Football Federation in 2014.

the micronation, however, lost popularity also for the founder, and the end of the micronation will be announced in 2016. only in 2018, with the birth of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, were officially pubblished informations about Republic of Chelandia. Meanwhile, Samuele Cheli tried to create new micronational projects, for example, the Six Roses Republic or the Duchy of Rosignano.

The flag of Chelandia as a micronation was a tricolor Green, White and at the centre of the flag it was a red writing "CHL", it is the first 3 letters of every fiscal code (in Italy) of a person who have the surname Cheli. That symbol represents the family.

The Socialist Republic of San Valerio

In 2015, while Samuele Cheli rules the Chelandia, Alessandro Balsamo, known as TheXanada96, founds the Regioni Unite Italiane group with GiacoxXenon. In this times, TheXanada96 opens his Steam account.

TheXanada96, joins the Steam group called Marine Pro Gamer in 2016 and becames an important member.

Regioni Unite Italiane becames a satellite group of MPG, and TheXanada96 founds his first micronation called Kingdom of San Valerio.

San Valerio is founded into a minecraft server called Alexland, and many other countries are created in that server. San Valerio changes his type of government for many times and it becomes also a Socialist Republic.

San Valerio wasn't a serious micronation, for this, San Valerio wasn't recognized by anyone.

In 2017, Alessandro Balsamo proclame the independence of the Socialist Republic of San Valerio and claims this territories: Hotham Island, Kuramaadhoo Island, Cirella Island , Little Island, Piaçabuçu Island, Chandler Island, Tarpaulin Island, David Island, Krotteroy Island, Pelagosa sIsland, some territories of Sicily, some occuped territories in the Americas, some occuped territories of former Yugoslavia occuped territories of Greenland, Afghanistan, some isles in the Balkans many small territories in north and central Italy.

The colors of San Valerio were red and black and San Valerio becames an important country for MYCUS Group's fictional stories.

San Valerio becames an inactive country on the next months and it fails.

The First MYCUS Republic and the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano

An historical map of the First MYCUS Republic.

On December 2017 Samuele Cheli subscribes on the channel of TheXanada96 and it will start a friendship. Samuele Cheli closed his old youtube channel named Vgo Loquendo 5 and opens his new channel called TeleRosignano.

During the month of January 2018, Alessandro Balsamo founds the First MYCUS Republic and writes a lore for the micronation, perfectly perfectly legible on the page of the First MYCUS Republic and also in the pages of the official wiki of the FederMicroITA.

During the month of February 2018, Samuele Cheli starts to participate into many hangouts live with Alessandro Balsamo, at the moment with an account named Matteo Baldi. During that period, the two micronationalists are enjoying this hangouts live for speaking about micronationalism, gaming, politics and many other things.

Samuele Cheli during the month of February 2018, starts to write the page of his first micronation: the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, founded on 17 February 2018.

On the next days, Diego Cheli, the brother of Samuele Cheli, becomes citizen with also another 10 friends of Samuele Cheli. LPRoR were a micronation with 12 inabitants.

On the month of March, Samuele Cheli decided to joins the MYCUS Group and change this into a Collective Group. Samuele Cheli also knows GiacoxXenon.

During this period, Samuele Cheli create a national bank for Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano and prints the banknotes. Also Balsamo are working to create an official money of the First MYCUS Republic. The official money of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano was the People's Lira, and the official money of the MYCUS republic was the Ymcus.

Samuele Cheli also writes and prints the official Constitution of the Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, and Balsamo copied to Cheli the idea. MYCUS Republic's constitution had got only six articles, meanwhile the LPRoR's Constitution had 29 articles.

During the month of March, Samuele Cheli and Pietro Missiaggia were in contact with the Free Republic of Schwanensee's president, and Samuele Cheli give to the president of Schwanensee five banknotes of People's Lira for three Schwanian Krone banknotes for Samuele Cheli and many stamps for Pietro Missiaggia.

During the months of March and April 2018, the MYCUS Republic and the People's Labronic Republic of Rosignano joins into a fictional war against two fictional micronations for the lore. Meanwhile, Samuele Cheli and TheXanada96 starts to write a history for a Role-Playing videogame called "The History of Sorania".

The fictional war becomes a role-play and many citizens of the LPRoR claims its independence, and it is born the Apulian Empire, the People's Kingdom of Fano and the Dadaist Principality of Vicenza.

Samuele Cheli starts to criticate this phenomeon of balcanization, and Samuele Cheli creates the Union of People's Labronic Republics.

Meanwhile, into the month of March 2018, Samuele Cheli and Alessandro Balsamo writes the official wiki of the first Federation of Italian Micronation.

The Labronic-Valerian war, the role-play war, arrives during the month of april 2018 for the Battle of Capraia. Samuele Cheli wins that battle, but really it was a school trip with three of his annoying classmates.

During the month of April 2018, micronationalism ceases completely, because the role play destructs all the federations.

In the month of April 2018, also the president Gabriele Pasqua of the Republic of Damazia joins the FederMicroITA and the MYCUS Group.

The People's Republic of Comvorlistan

With this image Messia Moresby indicates himself during his micronationalistic recognizements.

On 5 May 2018, Samuele Cheli officially declares the fail of the LPRoR and of all the micronations of FederMicroITA. Samuele Cheli decided to create the People's Republic of Comvorlistan.

Meanwhile, Gabriele Pasqua, president of Damazia, starts the organization of the 2019 Micro World Cup and Samuele Cheli helps Gabriele Pasqua, founding the Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football.

All the micronations, except for the People's Kingdom of Fano, Republic of Damazia, Silence Kingdom of Rosignano and Almond Tree Kingdom are failed and Samuele Cheli decided to founds the lost micronations and create the People's Republic of Rosignano.

De facto also the First MYCUS Republic is failed and for this, Alessandro Balsamo decided to be a citizen of Comvorlistan and Damazia.

Micronational activity of Comvorlistan wasn't a good activity, the president was Gabriele from Pisa and the first minister was Samuele Cheli. Comvorlistan claims just a small part of the former territory of LPRoR.

Comvorlistan cannot writes an own costitution and cannot prints banonotes.

While Samuele Cheli founds Comvorlistan, he founds also the new FederMicroITA also knows as FederMicroItaNova.

In FederMicroItaNova enjoyed many countries for example the Messapic Social Republic, the successor of the Apulian Empire, the League of Matching Organizations in the Northern Marche, the Roman Republic of Augusta Taurinorum and the Micro-Kingdom of Italy, which today is the People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake.

Into this period Samuele Cheli knows Marco Tumbarello and Cheli recognizes the Kingdom of Caredolci.

During the month of August 2018, Samuele Cheli close his micronation and joins the Republic of Damazia. Damazia becomes officially the official micronation of the MYCUS Group.

Republic of Damazia in 2018

The official map of Damazia, produced by Samuele Cheli.

Damazia is born in 2016 by Gabriele Pasqua and initially it was a utopian country in Antarctica. In 2017 Gabriele Pasqua proclames the Principality of Damazia.

The flag of the Principality of Damazia is a tricolor with horizontal stripes, Blue, White and Orange. at the centre of the flag, there is the coat of arms of the italian region of Abruzzo.

In 2018, Gabriele Pasqua founds the Republic of Damazia and joins FederMicroITA in april 2018. On the next months, Gabriele Pasqua is well integrated into the MYCUS Group, becoming an administrator in the month of November 2018.

During the fail of the first FederMicroIta, Gabriele Pasqua starts to organize the 2019 Micro World Cup in Damazia. Samuele Cheli helps Gabriele Pasqua for this.

Damazia was a monopartitic country because no exists another political parties, and of conseguence, Damazia becomes a de facto monopartitism. The only registered political party was the Red Flag Party (Partito della Bandiera Rossa), a social-democratic political party, within the party anyone who was left, even extreme, could enter.

Also the LPRoR and Comvorlistan was monopartitic countries, because LPRoR and Comvorlistan was communist countries, and the First MYCUS Republic is a pluripartitic country. Chelandia hasn't got a political party.

Gabriele Pasqua starts to write the constitution of the Republic of Damazia, but the project remained aloof. Many articles of this project were used for the Costitution of the Republic of Damazia, written a few months later.

During 10 August 2018, Samuele Cheli declares which has no time to follow micronations and decided to have Comvorlistan annexed into Damazia. Gabriele Pasqua accept this. Thus begins the golden age of Damazia.

Samuele Cheli becames writes the constitution of the Republic of Damazia, and based it to the costitution of the LPRoR, to Italian constitution and to the former Gabriele Pasqua's project.

Damazia becames a pluripartitic country, but the left is the only accepted political corrent. the Red Flag Party change the name into Eagle Order's Party, and it was founded the Communist Party of Damazia (and it becomes the greatest political party), and the Mycusian Party of Damazia. the Mycusian Party of Damazia was the first interestist political party in the history, but at the times the Mycusian Party isn't declared as an Interestist party, but the party for the MYCUS propaganda.

The Republic of Damazia declares into a state of provvisorial government. Samuele Cheli during this period is the iure the Minister of Education and Propaganda, but de facto Samuele takes the role of foreign minister, because Ravex is inactive. Alessandro Balsamo becomes the minister of economy.

Samuele Cheli also works for a national soccer championship and creates eight teams for the championship, four of that are Comvorlik teams (Sei Rose, Pobeda Rosignano, Pastina and Bibbona), three of this are Damazian teams (Libertas Gran Sasso, Dinamo Damaziopoli and Atletico Damaziopoli). The only remained team was a team from Bagheria.

Geographically, Damazia had the capital region called Piccola Damazia, and it comprends Damaziopoli (actual Daria). the former territories of Comvorlistan and Bagheria becomes the territories of Damazia Ulteriore, and Damazia Ulteriore was split into two parts: Bagheria and Comvoristan. In November the Region of Damazia Ulteriore - Comvorlistan change name into Damazia Ulteriore - Chelandia and adopt the flag of Chelandia.

On 31 August 2018, TheXanada96 succeeds in recovering a steam group called New Allies Empire Coalition and decides to clean up the group from the old owners as a gesture of revenge. The group changes its profile picture and as a rule it should be a group based on micronationalism, so that the official abbreviation isn't NAEC, but FMI-NAEC (FMI is the abbreviation of FederMicroITA). However, the group was never used for this purpose.

During the month of September 2018, a Steam group called USAE, the former members of NAEC, attacks the MYCUS Group. Republic of Damazia supports the MYCUS Group for the conflict. USAE becomes the first rival group of MYCUS and still continue to be so today. Another groups against MYCUS Group and members of MYCUS are the Comuff (a whatsapp group of debates that claim to be the official communism group, but in this group they are full of liberals and leftist anti-communists) and some members of Le Gauche Collective Group, but the contrasts between Le Gauche and MYCUS are predominantly historical and resolved today.

During the month of October, Simone Malia, citizen of the Messapic Social Republic, becomes citizen of Damazia and contributes to an only MYCUS micronation. Simone Malia creates the paramilitary organization called Green Panthers. the Green Panthers defends the MYCUS Group and the Republic of Damazia.

During the month of October and November, Damazia becomes the official republic of the MYCUS Group, FederMicroITA is failed, and the Messapic Social Republic joins Damazia. Damazia recognizes national-bolshevism and fascism. Meanwhile, the Mycusian communist party is failed and Alessio Gioia founds the Fascist National Party of Damazia.

Meanwhile, Samuele Cheli enters in contact with Luca mirante, president of Luxe, and Damazia joins the U.M.S. in november 2018. during this period, Samuele Cheli, Alessandro Balsamo and Gabriele Pasqua learn many things from Luxe and Luca Mirante.

During the month of December, the three political parties (fascists, eagle order and communists) are into a electoral campaign, and Alessio Gioia, Gabriele Pasqua and Alessandro Balsamo are candidates for the presidence. The Constitution become effective the 1th January 2019, with the elections.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Balsamo designs the banknotes of the Damazian Lira and in January Samuele Cheli starts to prints the banknotes.

The Elections starts and the Fascist party are winning. Samuele Cheli declares if fascists wins in Damazia, the Chelandia's Revolution starts the next day. But fortunately it wins the Communist Party and Alessandro Balsamo becomes the president of Damazia. Gabriele Pasqua becomes the minister of foreign affairs, and Simone Malia becomes the minister of the internal affairs. Gianluca Zago becomes the minister of education and propaganda and pints a propaganda poster, inspired by Ceausescu's Romania, celebrating Balsamo's victory in the elections. Ravex becomes the minister of economy.

Samuele Cheli becomes a senator, the official officier of the Bank and of the information channel, but for all activities of Antenna RAD and the Bank, Samuele Cheli had to ask permissions for the minister of economy and the minister of propaganda.

the minister of economy becomes inactive and Samuele Cheli cannot know how he prints the banknotes. On 8 January 2019, Samuele Cheli declares the starts of the beginning of the draws for the world championships. Alessio Gioia responds by declaring the independence of the Messapian Empire. It starts the Damazian Crisis.

On 9 January 2019, Samuele Cheli critics the president of Economy and asks him to be active. He responds with false accusations and false data to defame the work of Samuele Cheli. Also Simone Malia join the crisis with the part of Ravex. Simone Malia and Ravex organize the tribunal on the discord server of the MYCUS Group, with Alessandro Balsamo and Zhou, a chinese guy which he isn't a micronationalist.

Damazian Crisis

On 8 January 2019 Alessio Gioia declares the independence of the Messapic Empire for the with the excuse of participating in the football tournament. Samuele Cheli criticize Alessio Gioia for this and recognize his micronation just in March 2019.

The Next Day, Samuele Cheli criticize the bad working of Ravex as the Minister of Economy. The Minister of Internal Affairs Simone Malia responds giving the role of magistrate to Ravex and Ravex organize a tribunal on the MYCUS Group's Discord Server. Simone Malia defends Ravex and the two guys attacks Samuele Cheli of false accuses, sending false graphs that should prove that Samuele Cheli had been funded by Jewish bankers, that Donald Trump made a rally in defense to Samuele Cheli and that Samuele Cheli was a revisionist.

Samuele Cheli responds to accusations, but Damazia has become a role play again, abandoning its reality. At the tribunal are present the president Alessandro Balsamo, Samuele Cheli, Simone Malia, Ravex and Imperatore Cinese (Chinese Emperor, this is his nickname) also knows with his real name Zhou, a chinese guy resident in Italy, at the time member of the MYCUS Group (in the future he becomes a traitor of the MYCUS Group). Zhou isn't a micronationalist.

After the tribunal, Samuele Cheli decides to declare the independence of the People's Republic of Chelandia, and Samuele Cheli puts the Damazia in economic crisis. During the independence of Chelandia, Damazia change his government and Chelandia declares war to Damazia. Luxe recognize Chelandia and Chelandia joins the U.M.S.

On the next days, Damazia and Chelandia returns friendly and two weeks later, Samuele Cheli decided to subscribes the 2019 Micro World Cup.

Alessandro Balsamo creates the UMNI as a project in january 2019, but only Chelandia joins the UMNI.

Micronationalism in the MYCUS Group becomes inactive until Prince Lorenzo I di Tawil contacts Samuele Cheli and Alessandro Balsamo for diplomatic relationships.

Chelandia opens the embassady of the Principality of Tawil on 10 March 2019, two days later the diplomatic relationships.

On 16 March 2019, explodes the 11 Minutes war, Luxe declares war to the Confederation of Italian-German Monarchic States, and through a strange law, all states of the UMS are also part of the AMU military alliance. For this motivation, Samuele Cheli is involved in the war and critics Mirante for this reason.

Some days later, Samuele Cheli joins Tawil's Whatsapp group and witness the extermination of heretics.

Lorenzo creates the People's Fedarated States Union and Damazia joins in. Chelandia decided to join as a permanent observer.

Meanwhile the MYCUS Group is detached from the micronationalistic world, but through new friendships with discord servers MYCUS has managed to grow. USAE attacks are almost absent, but MYCUS is challenged by some haters like Camerata Alberto or American Warrior, two channels which insults MYCUS Group members and simpatizers, but also channels of the caliber of Il Mondo di DragonBall 2, also known as Copynator, because his activity is to copy the video of another youtubers and create a parody of that video insulting members.

MYCUS Group joins the battle against the Copynator and for this reason, the MYCUS Group has grown of members.

The Black Era of the MYCUS Group

The Treaty of Interestist Defence, which declares the formation of Emergency Interessantist Republic.

In November 2018, Marco Tumbarello, Supreme General of the Kingdom of Caredolci, joined the MYCUS Group and manages to become a moderator.

However Tumbarello starts to behave badly, it is not seen positively by many moderators to the MYCUS Group, moreover Tumbarello in its period of activity in the MYCUS has always caused problems, from telephone jokes to the partially critical behavior in unfounded aspects towards MYCUS.

In the beginning Tumbarello was a boy who caused problems but who was still promising, but later, in March, he started to show the truth about himself and started to triple the hardships he was committing, going to Maidire's server and making jokes in name of the MYCUS Group, which put the group in a bad light.

The administrators have given over 7 opportunities to Marco Tumbarello, but in the end, on March 31, 2019, Samuele Cheli decides to ban him. Meanwhile, Fab052 becomes a moderator, but he won't stay there for a long time.

On the 1st April 2019, Samuele Cheli falls into depression and will remain completely inactive for 2 days. On 3 April 2019, Samuele Cheli declares to the UMS to not recognize Caredolci anymore.

On 4 April 2019, Marco Tumbarello declares war to Damazia. It is the beginning of the Mycusian Conflict.

Chelandia joins immediately in war against Caredolci and in support of Damazia, because the war is a conflict against the MYCUS Group. In This period, the MYCUS Group takes up the micronationalism and Samuele Cheli restarts to write on MicroWiki everything that happens during the war. Samuele Cheli, after the declaration of war, calls for support to the UMS, the Principality of Tawil joins the war and the United States of Astana helps the countries against Caredolci with moral support.

On the next days, many other countries, for example the Slime Room, the People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake and the Barony of Olislelia joins the conflict, all against Caredolci.

The war ends the 21th April 2019, during the holy easter of Sunday, and all the countries in war signs the peace, except for Luxe.

On 21 April 2019, the steam group called USAE again attacks the MYCUS Group, and in May the clash will get stronger.

On 23 April 2019 Lorenzo Valente criticizes Luca Mirante for the CMSIT and asks Mirante to let CMSIT enter in UMS. Mirante Refuses and Samuele Cheli critics the 11 Minutes War, declaring that they are not part of the military alliance (AMU) or of the other internal alliances of UMS. Mirante revokes the recognizement of Chelandia as member to the UMS, and also Tawil and Astana receive the same fate.

Chelandia exits the UMS, and also Tawil and Astana. Mirante fails all his attempts to bring Tawil, Astana and Chelandia back into the UMS.

Chelandia, Damazia and Astana founds the UMNI and organize to the elections. Samuele cheli will win the elections.

Meanwhile the warfare against Luxe is called Cold Crisis of UMS and in 31 April, Luca Mirante try to split Damazia into two parts and fails. Samuele Cheli decided to close all the diplomatic relationship.

Meanwhile on 23 April 2019, Nazi Italy declares war to the Slime Room and UMNI supports the Slime Room. Slime Room in future change his name in Svezila and losts the war.

On 30 April Chelandia, Damazia and Pomigliano-Labrakë signs the Interestist Defence Treaty and the 3 countries are united into the Emergency Interessantist Republic.

On 1 May 2019, Tawil declares war to Luxe and on the next two days the countries signs for a peace.

On 3 May 2019, it was signed the peace, but the next day Luxe throw the treaty. On the evening a non-signed treaty of peace was applied.

During this period the MYCUS Group members are busy with the school, however the USAE announce war on MYCUS and talk about Operation Thunderbolt Spear. many videos are censored to MYCUS members.

Many members create havoc and are banned in this period. This period is called Mycusian Purges.

Samuele Cheli goes on Aniene village to see the situation into a claimed but not conquered territory. Cheli decided to organize the declaration of independence of Nova Italia.

Marco Tumbarello decides officially to be an USAE member and Hoover, the author of all the videos of USAE (prevalently insults and destructive criticism) and the second head of USAE, is actually present on Marco Tumbarello's new "micronation", the Italian Empire.

Meanwhile, Nazi Italy wins his war against Svezila, but Svezila tries to refounds it. Svezila becomes also a territory of RUI, reconfermed on 6 june as District 08, as a virtual claim.

Nova Italia's Independence

Samuele Cheli and Lorenzo Valente declares the independence of Nova Italia in Aniene.

Samuele Cheli writes the Costitutione (Constitution) of Nova Italia and creates the flag and the Anagrafe Nazionale. Samuele Cheli starts to create the micronation before the declaration of independence.

On 2 June 2019 Samuele Cheli invites Lorenzo Valente, president of the People's Republic of Tawil and signs with Valente the treaty of diplomatic relationships.

The father of Lorenzo registered the declaration of independence in a video and the next day, 3 June 2019, Alessandro Balsamo pubblics on the official YouTube channel of the MYCUS Group the video of the independence of Nova Italia.

On 4 April 2019, Nova Italia apply officially the Anagrafe Nazionale, a document which is registered all the citizens of the micronation. 12 citizens are registered in Nova Italia in 10 June.

Meanwhile, LennLoquendo becomes a citizen and proclame the District 07 - Napoli.

Some hours later, SlimeRock100 becomes a citizen and Nova Italia founds the District 08 - Svezila. Actually Nova Italia recognizes Svezila as a micronation but also it is recognized as a New Italian district.

A discord account called "Archivio MYCUS" (MYCUS Archive) change the name in Anagrafe Nazionale di Nova Italia.

In 13 June 2019, Samuele Cheli organize an economic plan for organize Nova Italia's economy.

In 15 June 2019, Samuele Cheli becomes official delegate of the Socialist Republic of the Group, and Nova Italia recognizes and supports that country. Meanwhile, the Anagrafe Nazionale, reaches 16 citizens and 8 districts.

In 17 June 2019, Samuele Cheli pubblics the first edition of "Il Corriere dell'Alba Verde" (the courier of the green dawn), the official newspaper of the country. In an article of the newspaper, Luxe and his government are sharply criticized. The article was signed by Samuele Cheli.

In 18 June 2019, Luxe intensificate the intelligence into the UMNI and for this reason, Andrea Maria Grassidonio, president of the United States of Astana, declares war to Luxe. it starts the Journal's War.

In 19 June 2019, Nova Italia organizes the elections for the Green Senate for 30 June 2019, but in many Districts the citizens were so few that they were automatically appointed to the Senate.

On 20 June 2019, Samuele Cheli organize with the Consules, the People's Commissioner of the Justice and the Defence, and the 5 actual senators, of which one is also a Consule, are voting for the entry of Nova Italia in the Journal's War. Of a total of 7 votes, the Consule Samuele Cheli votes against the war, but 4 of the entitled to vote votes for the entry in the war. Alessandro Balsamo was in late and he cannot vote. Samuele Cheli delivers the declaration of war to Luca Mirante. The war finish with an instituction of a table of the peace in 24 june and in 25 june Nova Italia becomes neutral and recognizes Luxe officially. The table of the peace, meanwhile, is failed, because Astana wants more democratic politics in Luxe and Samuele Cheli critics that action from Grassidonio.

For the First elections of the Green Senate, Nova Italia anticipates the elections for the 26 June and the 27 June the Green Senate votes for the government (or the Central Commitee). On the 29 June, there is the elections for the Parliament of the UMNI, and during this moment, a new country called Free Territory of Milazzo joins the UMNI.

The National Movement for the People's Interest writes a provvisional program for a future of UMNI and Nova Italia.

During 5 July 2019, Nova Italia counts 10 Districts and 23 citizens, two of them are in approvation. The District 03 - Rosignano is economically organized and Samuele Cheli founds the District 10 - Virtualia, a virtual district.

On 10 July 2019 the two citizens in approvation are approved and Nova Italia counts officially 23 citizens. Nova Italia also organize a Referendum for saturday, 13 July 2019, about the District reform.

On 14 July 2019 the districts are reformed, and it becomes just three districts. Meanwhile, Nova Italia and the UMNI countries try to organize many peace paths with UMS countries, founding the project of the United Micronations, but the diplomatic relations with Nova Italia and the United States of Astana was broken and Nova Italia can't recognize Astana. The project of the United Micronations report a series of misunderstandings between various states into the evening of 14 July 2019, Astana and Nova Italia was suspended by the UM, which president was Luca Mirante (self-declared). Nova Italia consul Samuele Cheli criticized Andrea Grassidonio, president of the United States of Astana and Luca Mirante, president of the Republic of Luxe, but all the head of state make peace on the Night. The next morning, the president of Luxe attacks the President of Taos, the Consul of Nova Italia and the Representant of Pomigliano-Labrake at foreign relationships, for their heavy satire against the president of Luxe, who perceives this as Cyber-bullying. During this affront, the president of Luxe said he was going to an Italian police station to denounce the politicians mentioned earlier and because of this Pomigliano-Labrake is organizing a referendum to leave the OMU. the referendum has 5 votes, three in favor of leaving, one against and one abstention. The new italian consul and the president of Taos send excuses for the propaganda, but the fear and the failure to maintain peace by Luca Mirante lead to the President of the United Venetians' Republic his exit from the UM and from the UMNI, few hours after Mirante's attack. Samuele Cheli and Lorenzo Valente immediately respond with the release of Taos and Nova Italia from the UM. According to Gabriele Pasqua, president of Damazia and member of the UM, The UM is inactive and unofficially failed.

From 15 July to 18 July, Nova Italia becomes officially inactive, but Samuele Cheli starts to create the minecraft server of Virtualia. Nova Italia returns active just for the Economy on the District 02 and the creation of the Virtual server. Actually the diplomatic relationship politics of Nova Italia are just for the UMNI members, because Nova Italia decided on 15 July to apply isolationist policies, except with the UMNI countries.

On 19 July, Samuele Cheli declares the country's end, but Nova Italia may be refounded in December 2019.

In august Samuele Cheli ipotize a new micronation called Eurelian Federation.


This is a collared dove, the national animal of Nova Italia

The Culture of Nova Italia is based, on the other different culture of Italy, and takes many traits from southern and middle culture of the italian peninsula.

Collared Dove

The collared dove, is taken as a national animal, because it symbolizes the adaptability, resistance, vitality and courage of the nation. Moreover it is also a symbol of Eurasianism, as it is an animal present in all Eurasia and is capable of resisting many diseases and climates. The animal in question also works very often together with other birds of its species, just like a collective. It is considered a sacred animal within the nation, and the Latin onomatopoeia of this bird "micucus" is the true origin of the name of MYCUS which has been seen as an interestist animal.

European Football

Tipical of Italian culture, european football is the national sport of Nova Italia. Nova Italia politics promuoves sport, but actually in Nova Italia you can just plays virtual sports (with videogames). Actually the official sport is Mycusian Football, it is virtual football played with PES2018, A football game for PlayStation 4 with a very good space for personalize teams and players. The Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football organize the Micro World Cup, the official MFMF tournament for micronations.

Drinking culture of Nova Italia

A photo of many drinks in Nova Italia.

In Nova Italia there is a good drinking culture. In Nova Italia, drinking does not mean drinking alcohol, but drinking all kinds of drinks. Neoitalians favourite drinks are analcoholic and carbonated drinks, for example the Spuma, a well known drink just in some lands of Central and Northern Italy.

Spuma is officially the national drink of Nova Italia, and Samuele Cheli loves that drink. Spuma is a soft drink based on carbonated water, sugar, variable amounts of caramel and various flavors (including, lemon juice, infusion of orange peel, rhubarb, vanilla and spices). The term is generic and it is a commercial name of fantasy and dates back to the times when there were many local producers of carbonated soft drinks, for which the name of the individual brands was less important than now.

The term Spuma is equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon "soda", also suitable to indicate any soft drink "with bubbles" regardless of the manufacturer.

The interestist government of Nova Italia recommends soft drinks to citizens, discouraging excessive use of alcohol, however, wine, beer and various liqueurs are perfectly available in the territories of Nova Italia.

EstaThè iced tea, produced by Ferrero in Italy, is another drink much appreciated by the citizens of Nova Italia. For ideological reasons, Nova Italia's government is in favor of boycotting the drinks produced by The CocaCola Company, but colas are however appreciated by the citizens.

Nova Italia recognizes any health problems that can cause carbonated beverages, but the government does not adopt policies of discouragement or encouragement for such drinks.

carbonated drinks are favourites on the District 02 - Aniene and District 03 - Rosignano, but on the District 04 - Bagheria the citizens likes cocktails, for example the Cubalibre. On District 02 - Rosignano, the only citizens which drinks alcoholic drinks are the parents of Samuele Cheli, and they drinks Wines and beers. Anhylia and her mother drinks also energy drinks.

Food culture in Nova Italia

In Nova Italia the culture of food is not missing, because neoitalians are italians, consequently, in Nova Italia, Neapolitan dishes such as Pizza are adopted as national dishes.

In Nova Italia people like also Pasta very well, and also Tuscan steaks. in Aniene and Rosignano people eat mostly ground dishes like vegetables and meat, but Samuele Cheli likes also fish.

Red Azalea

the red azalea has been adopted as a national flower because it symbolizes temperance, passion, the importance of the family, the luck for the nation and the unity of the people.


Nova Italia decided to organize an army on 10 June 2019 after the separation from the Green Panthers, a paramilitary organization born at the end of the year of 2018, in the Republic of Damazia together with the army it was decided to organize also a navy and air force.

Armed Forces

The emblem of the armed forces.
Some military equipment of the soldiers of Nova Italia.

The full name of the ground forces is: People's Interestist Army of Nova Italia and they are all made up of regular armies, organized with military equipment. It currently consists of only 2 people.

Green Panthers

The emblem of the Green Panthers
A sling used by the Green Panthers

The Green Panthers are the nation's paramilitary organization operating under the MYCUS, and unlike the armed forces the paramilitaries are made up of irregulars, and they use weapons mainly white weapons, with bows and slings. It currently consists of 5 people.

Air Force

The emblem of the air forces.

The air forces were formed on June 10 along with the armed forces and naval forces, called the People's Interestist Aeronautical Forces. At the moment they are composed only of 3 cheap drones with camera, built using Raspberry Pi technology. Nova Italia is also working on designing aerostatic balloons for military and observation purposes. It currently consists of only 1 people.

Naval Forces

The emblem of the Naval forces.

The navy was born on June 10 along with the armed forces and the air forces, called the People's Interestist Navy of Nova Italia, It is composed only of a wooden boat, but the micronation is working on developing a dinghy to travel in lakes and rivers, and a speedboat for sea shipments. unfortunately the country is landlocked, and is forced to cross the border with Italy to use the marine fleet. It currently consists of only 2 people.


The emblem of the polices forces.

The Nova Italia police are composed of volunteer corps, and are separated from the rest of the armed forces, they are called People's Interestist Police Forces and use only melee weapons. It currently consists of only 2 people.

Cyberdefence Unit

The emblem of the Cyberdefence Commando.

The Cyberdefense units are composed of people who are computer experts, programmers and aspiring hackers. At the moment they are working on the defense of the MYCUS collective. It currently consists of 4 people.

Foreign relationships

The people's Republic of Nova Italia officially recognizes many micronations and Nova Italia's policies is to sign mainly treated with socialist micronations and with Italian micronations. Nova Italia is a country member of the Union of Italian MicroNations, and Samuele Cheli, formely the President of the People's Republic of Chelandia, was the founder of the association.

One of the greatest sorrows of the neoitalian politicians is the fail of the Socialist Republic of the Group, a communist italian virtual micronation which fails a revolution into a whatsapp group called "La Felicità". for great part of the period, Samuele Cheli was ambassador for Nova Italia into the Socialist Republic of the Group and the Group was a micronation of the UMNI. With the bankruptcy, the three members of the provisional military government asked for political asylum, but just Italian Bolshevik becomes a neoitalian citizen, founder of the Unione Sindacale dei Lavoratori Interessantisti and a member of the Green Senate.

When Nova Italia was founded in 2 June 2019, Samuele Cheli signs the diplomatic relationships with Lorenzo Valente, president of the People's Republic of Tawil and great friend of Samuele Cheli about micronationalism. Nova Italia and Tawil becomes two countries linked to the same thread of revolution and MYCUS.

During the month of July, the consules of Nova Italia signs many treaties for diplomatic relationships with many micronations.


Nova Italia is a socialist republic, for this reason, Nova Italia has a totally nationalized and collective economy, but Nova Italia is also a meritocratic country, because interestism is based on meritocracy.

Interestism, and also the MYCUS Group and Nova Italia's politics are based to the four principles of the interestism: determination, brotherhood, liberty and equality.

In Nova Italia there exist just a political party, the National Movement for the People's Interest. Nova Italia is costitutionally a monopartitic country. The MNIP is an interestist party, and many politics of that party is communist politics, many members are communist.

Nova Italia is a consular republic, the two consules represents the national country. The consules are also part of the central commitee (the government of Nova Italia). The charge of the Consule of Nova Italia is eternal, and another charges are of just a year. Every year in the month of june there are the elections of the Green Senate and the Green Senate, with the Consules, decides the Central Commitee. The Central Commitee has the executive power, and the Green Senate is a legislature of Nova Italia.

Nova Italia has also many Districts and all the districts has an Administrator. The Adminidtrator of the District has all the three powers for local administration.

If the people lost confidence with a politician active in Nova Italia, the politician lost his charge.

the People's Commissars, or members of the government, must swear allegiance to the Constitution, to Nova Italia and above all, to the People of Nova Italia.

The People's Commissars are 5, one of the Justice and Defence, one of the Economy, one of the Education and Propaganda and the two consules, that constitutionally they are also People's Commissars of internal affairs or foreign affairs. The Central Commitee has also a president, or premier, but he has few powers respect to the Consuls.

The Costitutione

The "Costitutione della Repubblica Popolare Socialista Interessantista et Meritocratica di Nova Italia" is the Nova Italia's official costitution, and it has 65 articles.

Nova Italia cannot apply all the articles of the Costitutione for many problems linked to the inactive and still underdeveloped population and linked also to the capital city still to buy.

The Costitutione is inspired to the Italian, to the north korean and to the soviet (1936) constitution.


Geographically, Nova Italia is suddivided into 3 Districts, they're all territorial districts except for Virtualia (District 03).

The Districts are:

The District 01 is the Capital City and it is still to buy.

The District 02 occupies two territories: a demolished village in Rosignano and an house in Rosignano.

The District 03 is a virtual district, on a Minecraft server.

The National Movement for the People's Interest oganized a District Reform, and this reform wants to cancel many districts. The victory of the yes at the referendum of the reform, in 13 July 2019, lead to the elimination of several Districts.

The non-knowed territories in Naples, Lecce, Vicenza and Bagheria becomes unofficial embassadies of Nova Italia in Italian territory.

On the past the Districts was 10: Nova Italia, Aniene, Rosignano, Bagheria, Lecce, Vicenza, Napoli, Svezila, Nova Galeria and Virtualia.


Nova Italia is an emergent micronation, and actually it has just an economy based on technology and primary sector. On the District 02 - Aniene there exist some blackberry bushes and some strawberry trees.

On the District 03 - Rosignano there exist a vegetable garden with a Lemon tree, a peach tree, a rosemary bush and a jasmine. In that garden, on easter there are cultivated tomato, eggplant, basil, mint, sage and zucchini. In winter the garden arent utilized, but the 2019 economic plan consists in preparing the soil for winter crops.

On the District 04 - Bagheria, the Garden is territory of the Almond Tree's Kingdom, and economically there exist an informal path with the citizens of the District 04 - Bagheria.

On the other districts we cannot known the productions.

Nova Italia, likes to the MYCUS Group, organize many virtual websites and studies many programs and videogames.