People's Republic of Tawil

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The People's Republic of Tawil (abbreviated Tawil) was a micronation, on the border between Egypt and Sudan, with no outlet to the sea.


The People's Republic of Tawil is one-party, formed only by the Workers Party. The President of the Republic is also the Leader of the WP, the Prime Minister is usually the secretary.

Repubblica Popolare Tawilese

Noi siamo il sole, e i nostri raggi trafiggono i nemici del Popolo
Bella Ciao

Capital cityNew World
Official language(s)Esperanto (de iure) Italiano (de facto)
Official religion(s)Ateism
Short nameTawil
GovernmentSocialist Antifascist Republic with market reforms
LegislaturePeople's Assembly of Tawil
- Upper HousePeople's Assembly of Tawil
- Number of seats - 10
Established27 april 2019
Area claimed2060 km²
This country was a member of UMNI.

President Lorenzo di Tawil (2019 - in office)

Prime Minister Andrea Grassidonio (30 April 2019 - in office)

Defense Minister Luca Lorefice (March 2019 - in office)

Minister of Education Erasmo Valente (March 2019 - in office)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Riccardo Mastrantonio (10 May 2019 - in office)

The office of President and the Parliamentarians of the People's Assembly are for life, while the Prime Minister and the various Ministers have a 6-month term (which can be extended by the Assembly in special cases). Obviously Ministers can reapply for a second term.