Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football

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Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football
Formation2 July 2018
TypeFootball Association
PresidentGabry GA 2000TM

The Micronational Federation of Mycusian Football (or MFMF) is an international federation of virtual football. the matches are all simulated to PES2018 or another videogame by Xalkas. MFMF wants to be an international federation open to all the micronations of all the world and for subscribing at MFMF then contacts telerosignano@gmail.com


The actual members are:

The former members are:


MFMF organize the Micro World Cup, a tournament for the national football teams of many micronations, also non-MFMF teams can participate at this competition, but it hasn't a prize, just fun.

The first edition is organized in Damazia on the year 2019, and the second edition is organized on the year 2021.

For the second edition there are votations for the organizer.

TV broadcasters

Antenna RAD was the official TV broadcaster of Republic of Damazia and then Antenna RAD originally wants to broadcast football tournaments.

Official YouTube channel of MYCUS Group is the actual TV Broadcaster of MFMF.