People's Republic of Comvorlistan

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5 May 2018 — 10 August 2018

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Proletari di tutto il mondo, unitevi!
Workers of all the world, unite! (English)
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Capital citySan Giuliano
Official language(s)Italian, Labronic
Official religion(s)no religions
Short nameComvorlistan
DemonymComvorlik (Comvorlo it) (singular),
Comvorliks (Comvorli it) (plural)
GovernmentDemocratic Communist Republic
- PresidentGabriele Karim
- Central Committee's PresidentSorvaino
LegislatureSupreme People's Senate
- Number of seats - 8
EstablishedMay 5th, 2018
PopulationTotal: 8
├Female: 1
└Male: 7
Time zone+1:00
National sportFootball
National animalScuderi
This country was a member of FederMicroITA.

The People's Republic of Comvorlistan, simply known as Comvorlistan (it:Repubblica Popolare del Comvorlistan) was a micronation founded on 5 May 2018 by Sorvaino. Sorvaino was also the President of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano and Union of the Labronic People's Republics. Actually Sorvaino is the most active member of TeleRosignano group and one of the members of Gruppo Collettivo MYCUS. But the president of Comvorlistan wasn't Sorvaino. It was Gabriele Karim, a member of Trigger Gaming group (a friend group of TeleRosignano and G.C. MYCUS).

People's Republic of Comvorlistan was a member of FederMicroITA.

People's Republic of Comvorlistan was a micronation whose society is based on a communist Italy theme, and also based on a 1980s Italy theme.

For many problems Sorvaino ends his micronation on 10 August 2018, and Comvorlistan becames territory of Republic of Damazia, and also the city of Bagheria, in Sicily, because on Bagheria lives TheXanada96, another citizen of Republic of Damazia.


Sorvaino Founded his first micronation on 2014, it was the Republic of Chelandia. That micronation originally was a game for family Cheli (Sorvaino's family), but that game is failed.

On February 2018 Sorvaino returned to micronationalism (under conseil of TheXanada96) and he founded Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, and on March 2018 Sorvaino Founded the Union of Labronic People's Republics.

On April 2018 The URLP are a failed micronation, and also the MYCUS Republic because activity of that micronations becames not funny.

On May 2018 Sorvaino returns to micronationalism and he create Comvorlistan.

Actually Comvorlistan only counts 8 citizens: Sorvaino, ImperatoreOscuro32, SconvoltDiego, TheXanada96 (double citizenship with also Republic of Damazia), Artorias The Pro, D.V., Sbacche and Gabriele Karim.


Comvorlistan flag resumes the design of LPRoR's Flag, at the left the green color, and blue at the right. in the upper left corner there is a red star. Comvorlistan wants to made also an unofficial flag, a tricolor Green, Blue and Red.

The territory of Nova Labronia has got a white flag with two red horizontal stripes and in the center of the flag there is a red star.

The Coat of Arms of People's Republic of Comvorlistan is a modified version of the Coat of Arms of the Italian Republic.

The three colors decided for the flag was also the three colours of the flag of the Repubblica dell'Ossola, an italian partisan republic born during italian resistance on the WW2. Green colour also represent the Gruppo Collettivo MYCUS, the Blue Colour represent the past (Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano) and the red colour (on the official flag the star is red) represent the communism.


Comvorlistan has got 5 compartiments: Bibbona, Comvorlivorno, Pastina, Rosignanostan and San Giuliano.

The capital city of this micronation is San Giuliano, and Compartiment of San Giuliano comprends just that municipality.

Compartiment of Comvorlivorno comprens two neighborhoods of Livorno city: Scopaia and Shangai (yes, in Livorno there is a neighborhood named like a chinese city)

Compartiment of Bibbona comprends Municipality of Bibbona, Compartiment of Rosignanostan comprends Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo and Compartiment of Pastina comprends Municipality of Santa Luce (Pastina is a fraction of Santa Luce).

Comvorlistan has got also a Special Statute Compartiment: Nova Labronia. Nova Labronia has got very different politics contrarily at European Comvorlistan, because Nova Labronia is a world on Minecraft and another virtual territories.


National sport of Comvorlistan is Football.

Comvorlistan has got also a national fooball association: Comitato Calcistico del Comvorlistan, but Nova Labronia has got an independent football association: Comitato Calcistico Autonomo di Nova Labronia.

Comvorlistan also organize his national championship: the TeleRosignano Lega.


Comvorlistan has got a national television, the RAC - Radio Televisione Comvorla. RAC is ispirated at RAI, the Italian principal television. RAC has got three channels: RACUNO (Generic), RACDUE (Cartoons and Teenagers' Series) and RACTRE (Sport and Documentary).

In Comvorlistan you can see also three channels from People's Kingdom of Fano, Republic of Damazia and Messapic Social Republic.

All propaganda against Comvorlistan, Communism, MYCUS Movement and FedermicroITA are censorated by RAC, because RAC is property of Comvorlistan Country.