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Gruppo MYCUS
The logo of the MYCUS Group
TypeVideogame Community on Discord and video game development organization
Purpose/focusFounding a great Community
HeadquartersSan Marino (not official)
LocationFlag of Italy.png Italy, Flag of San Marino.png San Marino
Official languagesItalian,English
AdministratorsAlessandro Balsamo
ModeratorsDavide Mei, LennLoquendo C.I.L.



MYCUS Group is an italian virtual group founded on 2013 by TheXanada96 and GiacoxXennon In January 2018, MYCUS Group create his micronation, the First MYCUS Republic, but it failed on 5 May 2018. MYCUS Group is also a community opened to videogaming, youtube activities, and developing but failed with micronationalism.


It was founded in 2013 by TheXanada96 and GiacoxXenon on PSN with the initial group, and was re-founded in April 2016 with the arrival on Steam and on Discord, but in 2018 with the addition of Samuele Cheli to the group, it grew, especially with the addition of other internal members such as Simone Malia, Ravex, Rock Mann, Gabry GA 2000TM and many others.

Micronational Activity

During the period 2015-2017, Alessandro Balsamo, known as TheXanada96, founded on a Minecraft server named Alexland his first country named Kingdom of San Valerio. Alexland fails and is recreated several times, consequently also San Valerio was refounded changing rules and type of government every time.

On January 2018, TheXanada96 founds his first real (but non-serious) micronation: the First MYCUS Republic and joins to FederMicroITA, but failed at the end of 2018.

Over time, Republic of Damazia becames the official MYCUS micronation, from August 2018 until 9 January 2019. From August 2019 the MYCUS Group completely decides officially to move away from the micro-nationalistic world.