Emergency Interessantist Republic

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Emergency Interessantist Republic



30 April 2019 — 2 June 2019


Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.pngRUI Logo.png

Uniti per il popolo!
Rosignano, Daria, Pomigliano, Labrake, Some virutal territories.
Capital cityRosignano
Largest cityDaria
Official language(s)Italian, Cyrillic
Official religion(s)Cult of the Supreme Being, Atheism
Short nameEIR
GovernmentInteressantist Republic
- ConsolesBarack Obama, Samuele Cheli
- M.C.E.'s PresidentGabriele Pasqua
- M.C.E. membersLorenzo Valente
LegislatureCouncil of Emergency
EstablishedApril 30th 2019
National sportFootball
National animalEagle
This country is a member of UMNI

The Emergency Interessantist Republic (Italian: Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista) is a micronation founded by Samuele Cheli, and Barack Obama, with the Treaty of Interessantist Defence. It represent the official, and it is an Interessantist dictatorship governed by a military junta named Council of Emergency.

History and Orders

During the month of April 2019, a lot of wars and crises have broken out that have disrupted the Italian micronational community.

The two wars, still ongoing, led to Samuele Cheli, president of Chelandia, to declaring a state of emergency. On 29 April 2019, Samuele Cheli writes the Treaty of Interessantist Defence.

The Treaty were signed on 30 April 2019, and the three countries (People's Republic of Chelandia, Democratic Republic of Damazia and People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake) becames just an only country: the Emergency Interessantist Republic.

The sovereignty of Damazia, Chelandia and Democratic Republic of Damazia will be restored for the UMNI Congress 2019 in Rome, Ostia at july.

On 1 may 2019, Lorenzo Valente, who is also a member of the M.C.E., declares war at Democratic Republic of Luxe, and the official whatsapp page of People's Republic of Tawil becames a battle point (virtually). Samuele Cheli, consule of Emergency Interessantist Republic, declares that he assesses whether to entry war or not by discussing with the M.C.E.

Subsequently Samuele Cheli decides to opt for peace, but considering Luxe a rogue and imperialist country. Meanwhile, Gabriele Pasqua, writes a treaty of Peace.

[[File:Propaganda RUI.jpg|250px|thumb|left|A propaganda poster which autor is Samuele Cheli. The girl represents teh republic Luca mirante, president of Luxe, criticizes the propaganda drawing, made by Samuele Cheli and published on MicroWiki. Also Gabriele Pasqua criticize the drawing.

Meanwhile, Samuele Cheli and Lorenzo Valente, decide to divide up the cities of the now defunct Confederation of Italian-German Monarchist States. Part of that cities becames control of Emergency Interessantist Republic.

On 2 May 2019 Gabriele Pasqua writes the Treaty of Peace, and on 3 May 2019 the two consules of Emergency Interessantist Republic (Samuele Cheli and Barack Obama), the president of Luxe, Luca mirante, and the president of Tawil, Lorenzo Valente, signs the treaty.

On 4 May 2019 Luca Mirante rips the treaty, and Samuele Cheli harshly criticize the action of Luxe. The new minister of sovereign affairs of Luxe starts to defend his president's actions.

On 6 May 2019 Lorenzo Valente proposes a law on fruit prices, to guarantee a low price for primary goods. Only the Emergency Interessantist Republic and the People's Republic of Tawil votes for the reform, all the UMNI countries are contrary. Andrea Grassidonio, president of the Federated States of Astana, criticized the law proposed by Valente, and the next day Astana leaves UMNI and joins the U.M.S. on the evening of 7 May 2019, Valente and Grassidonio are discussed among themselves through the states of whatsapp. later also Luca Mirante intervenes declaring the beginning of the Battle of the Bananas. According to the Emergency Interessantist Republic, it is a new treaty withdrawal, but Mirante he replies, citing article 9 of the Luxe constitution. That article states that Luxe hates war and asks for peace, but is free to morally take sides with a chosen faction.

On 7 May 2019 Samuele Cheli proposed a meeting of the members of the M.C.E.

On 11 May 2019 Samuele Cheli is going to Aniene to see the situation of the land. Aniene is a village demolished in the 90s by italian firm Cogemar, but an abandoned parking lot remains, with smashed cars and vandalized prefabs. On the visit of Samuele Cheli, he also saw some Italian kids driving mopeds, although the area should not have the presence of vehicles. as usual the environment is frequented by Italians who take their dogs for a walk. This day will be remembered as the start of preparation for Nova Italia independence.

On 14 May 2019 Samuele Cheli are working to an official Newspaper of the Emergency Interessantist Republic. Meanwhile, the consul Samuele Cheli is organizing everything for the Nova Italia Declaration of Independence for June 2, 2019.

On 17 May 2019 Samuele Cheli organizes the districts of Nova Italia, finish his school stage in an aquaculture in Rosignano and arrives in his house the flag of Nova Italia. Meanwhile, autoritarism is intensified in Emergency Interessantist Republic. Gabriele Pasqua declare that 2 June is the day of independence also for Damazia, which claims just Daria. Damazia will become an autonomous micronation, a puppet country of Nova Italia. The national football team of Chelandia becomes for the 2019 Micro World Cup (MFMF) the representative of Nova Italia.

On 21 may Samuele Cheli asks to signal the youtube channel of the group, but the Barony of Olislelia was contrary. On the next two days Olislelia was expelled from the UMNI.

On the next days Samuele Cheli proposed to Microwiki staff the italian version of the website, the project starts in june.

Meanwhile, in 25 may 2019, the Council of Emergency signs the Direttiva n.1, an official document of defence of the country. The Emergency Interessantist Republic closes all the diplomatic relations, except for People's Republic of Tawil and Svezila (Slime Room changes his name in Svezila).

In 26 may 2019, the Municipality of Rosignano (Italy) had his administrative elections. Meanwhile, there was also european elections in all the Italy.

In 27 may 2019, Nazi Italy re-attack Svezila and the Emergency Interessantist Republic supports Svezila. Meanwhile, 25 Articles of the Costitutione of Nova Italia was writtens.

In 29 may 2019, The Guard attacks Svezila and Svezila fails. Svezila joins the Emergency Interessantist Republic. Meanwhile Samuele Cheli declares the foundation of the Anagrafe Nazionale for Nova Italia.

On the evening of 29 may, Samuele Cheli joins into a communist group and the next day he recognizes the People's Republic of Suriga.

On that times, Barack Obama reforms the National Movement of the People's Interests, the only political party of the Emergency Interessantist Republic and the People's Republic of Nova Italia.

Slime Rock declares that Svezila is officially into a situation of reconstruction, but Svezila is also recognized by the Emergency Interessantist Republic as a Compartiment of Nova Italia.

On 31 June 2019, Samuele Cheli writs another articles of the Costitutione of Nova Italia and buys the supplies for the events of June 2, which provides for the conquest of the Aniene in addition to the declaration of independence. It is official, June 2 is the date on which the Emergency Interessantist Republic ceases to exist. Samuele Cheli buys also two shot guns for a riorganization of the Green Panthers.

On 2 June 2019, Damazia is the first country to join independence, and many hours later, People's Republic of Nova Italia declares in Aniene the independence from RUI, with the diplomatic relations with Tawil. The next day also Pomigliano-Labrake declares its independence.


Geografically the Emergency Interessantist Republic is a federal republic with three internal countries: Nova Italia, People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake and Daria.

All the four countries are suddivided into districts. The capital city of the Emergency Interessantist Republic is Rosignano, and it is a district of Nova Italia.

  • Pomigliano-Labrake is a people's republic with a confusing system. The president de iure is AGB 2, but the president who signs the treaties is Davide Mei.
  • Nova Italia and Daria are the two ordinary states. Daria has an only district named Daria. Nova Italia has 7 disctricts: Rosignano, Aniene, Nova Italia (District), Trieste, Bagheria, Lecce and Svezila (Nova Italia).

The head of state of Daria is Gabriele Pasqua and the head of state of Nova Italia are the two consules, Barack Obama and Samuele Cheli.