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Interessantistic Party of Ledilia

The Lictor Party
Chairman Manuel M. I°
Founder Manuel M. I°
HeadquartersWarren, Ledilia
Political positionextreme right-wing
ColorsNavy blue, Sky blue, white, black, gold, Dark red.
Election symbol
Loyalty or death.

Interessantism is a political concept that was developed in the early half of the twentieth-first century by Manuel M. I° and the National Interessantistic Party of Ledilia. It has been argued over what exactly lead to the development of Interessantism as an ideology. Fascists believe that the economy and politics should be organized around Corporatism, that is, mass solidarity and societal roles, as well as strong centralized government & leadership, nationalism, patriotism, and rebels any type of sexually hedonistic lifestyle.



he unstable and heated atmosphere present within many Ledilian revolutionaries after the new government was installed, created the perfect conditions for Interessantism to exist. It was thus that Interessantism came to be in its present form in Ledilia's mainland in the earlier September of 2020's. Manuel M. I°, in charge of the Principality, decided to reform the entire governemnt, having a loyal group of followers in charge, these loyal members was extracted from Avanti Patria!.

Ideological symbols

Ideological views


Interessantism, (in Italian: Interessantismo) is dedicated to the Patriotic spirit of the People, enforcing the Nationalistic morale.

3 Fundamental values

  • Loyalty
  • Faith
  • Discipline

7 Principles of success

  • Principle 1 .The Interessantist Party opposes unrestricted immigration, placing above all the preservation of national identity and culture as the bedrock of a principled patriotism.
  • Principle 2. The Interessantist Party believes in economic justice and we are dedicated to representing the working class and helping them.
  • Principle 3. The Interessantist Party believes in a militarized country to stop all types of aggression from other nations that are a threat to our people and economy.
  • Principle 4. The Interessantist Party believes in a christian society that promotes christian morals.
  • Principle 5. The Interessantist Party opposes a centralized economy and supports a corporatist economy.
  • Principle 6. The Interessantist Party is loyal to the prince, the country, the flag, and its citizens.
  • Principle 7. The Interessantist Party opposes sexually hedonistic lifestyles. This includes fornicators and sodomites. We are against the unnatural lifestyle promoted by socialists and neo-liberals whose aim is to indoctrinate our youth to destroy western civilization.


Religion is at the base of the Ideology, part of one of the 3 Fundamental values ("Faith"). The Party is a loyal follower of Catholicism, except all those religious who instigate evil and violence.

Economy Views


Interessantism is represented by the Lictor, a sign of National Integrity and Military presence for the protection of the National soil, the fact that we are always protected.

Interessantism in micronationalism