People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake

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People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrakë
[[File:small territories in Pomigliano, Tirana, Pavia and another italian small cities|frameless|upright=1.15]]
CapitalPomigliano d'Arco
Largest cityLabrake
Official languagesItalian, Albanian and Neapolitan
GovernmentCommunist Republic
• President (de iure)
• President (de facto)
Davide Mei
• Key people
LennLoquendo C.I.L., Spirito Italo/Russo.
Preceded by
Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane
This country is a member of UMNI.

The People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrakë is a micronation, but during the period of the Emergency Interessantist Republic it was a internal state of the RUI.

Pomigliano-Labrake claims territories in Albania, in Pavia and in the province of Naples, in Italy, but the micronation had also a virtual claim.

Pomigliano-Labrake is the official micronation of the Senatus Group, a friend group of the MYCUS Group.


during summer 2018, AGB 2, founder of the Senatus Group wants to create a virtual micronation named Micro Kingdom of Italy, and in October 2018 there was the elections. three was the political parties: Communist Party of YouTube, Conservatives Right Party and Feudalesim and Liberty. The Communist Party wons the elections.

The victory of the Communist Party of YouTube marks the deposition of the monarchy and the birth of the Micro-People's Democratic Republic of Italy, the following week appears also the Micro-People's Democratic Republic of Albania.

The two micronations of the Senatus Group becames inactive.

During the Mycusian Conflict, Davide Mei and AGB 2 re-establish the micronation, and it change his name in People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake. Pomigliano-Labrake is just an only micronation.

On 30 April 2019, Davide Mei signs for the union with Damazia and Chelandia for the Emergency Interessantist Republic.

On 4 May 2019 the People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake becomes autonomous, together with the Mycusian Prussies.

On 3 June 2019,the People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrakë declares his indipendence after the fall of the Emergency Interessantist Republic.


Pomigliano-Labrake claims his capital city in Pomigliano, in the province of Naples, in Italy. Pomigliano-Labrake also claims Labrake, a city near Tirana, in Albania.

Also Pavia, a city in North Italy is claimed to the People's Republic of Pomigliano-Labrake.

But Pomigliano-Labrake is a virtual micronation: Pomigliano-Labrake had his main discord server, in italian language. The server is also the official discord server of the Senatus Group, and in the server there are two squares: Piazza Montalbano and Piazza G. Scuderi. The Parliament separates the two squares, and the seats of the only two political party are near Piazza Montalbano.