Silence Kingdom of Rosignano

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Regno del Silenzio
Regno del Silenzio.png

Coat of Arms


Official language(s)Italian, Silence language
Official religion(s)remain in religious silence 24 hours a day
GovernmentKingdom (de iure), Principality (de facto)
- Major PrincessPrincess Ermenegilda I
- Another two princessesAlice, Valentina
EstablishedApril 2018
this country is a member of Unione delle MicroNazioni Italiane

This is the Silence Kingdom. On the bed there is Ermenegilda and Alice.

The Silence Kingdom is a non-serious micronation situed in Rosignano, in an unused bedroom in Samuele Cheli's great-grandpa's house. It is also an inactive micronation and it is very secret.

The Silence Kingdom is a country with only 3 citizens, the citizens are all dolls: Ermenegilda, Alice and Valentina. All the citizens are princesses of the kingdom (de facto a principality) and Ermenegilda is the head of state of the country.

The micronation is called Silence Kingdom because in that land you cannot speak, and the only three citizens cannot speak.

Silence Kingdom delegates Samuele Cheli for the treaties of the Silence Kingdom of Rosignano.

The country is one of the most calm, free and without coups or revolutions that have ruined the peace of the state, except when Samuele Cheli's great-grandmother enters the national territory.

The country's roles have always remained the same since the country was founded.

The only external politician who had diplomatic relationships with the Silence Kingdom is Samuele Cheli.

The micronation is also a capsule for the past.


The princess Ermenegilda I

During March 2018, Alessandro Balsamo creates a new micronation named Almond Tree's Kingdom, and that micronation becames the first non-serious micronation of the Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane.

On the next month, Samuele Cheli, very inspired by Alessandro Balsamo, creates the Silence Kingdom, a non-serious micronation situed in his Great-Grandpa's house, into a room which there is 3 dools, two of this in a bed, and one on a piece of forniture.

During the foundation of that micronation, Samuele Cheli give to the 3 dools a name, for register the citizens of the Silence Kingdom on a register.

On the Silence Kingdom it is a Religious Silence religion, and the silence reigns, as is the wish of her majesty the princess Ermegildilda I, which was supported by the other two dolls.

Meanwhile, Princess Alice proposed to join the MFMF world cup 2019 in Damazia, during May 2018. All the players of the Silence Kingdom's National Football Team are the worst players of Rosignano.