Dracul Rebel Conflict of 2018

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Dracul Rebel Conflict, 2018
Date15 April - 9 May 2018 (24 days)
Result Dracul victory, rebels surrender, citizenship revocation

 Commonwealth of Dracul

Draculian Army

Dracul Confederacy

Rebel Militia
Commanders and leaders

Commonwealth of DraculShaun O'Hare

Commonwealth of DraculPaul Frye

Al Fare  Surrendered

JD Ewert  Surrendered

The Dracul Rebel Conflict was a partially simulated conflict in the Commonwealth of Dracul, which took place between 15 April to 9 May 2018, between the Dracul Military and a separatist group known as the Draculian Confederacy. The event transpired after the Intelligence Director sought to target religious groups in Dracul, with plans to transform Dracul into a military controlled state, with government overreach.

On 15 April 2018, Intelligence Director Al Fare released a public statement condemning religious peoples, citing his atheist views as a reason to target and discriminate against religion. The Federal Government shortly after sent a letter to Al Fare, informing him of his inappropriate actions and that assistance would not be rendered to him. On 20 April, a small force was formed under the name "Dracul Confederacy", which was led by Fare, to begin the mission of targeting religious peoples.


Al Fare

Al Fare came to the Commonwealth of Dracul as a friend to Stephen Luke, Sarah Estrada, Eric Harvey Williams, Jr, and Paul Frye. Fare was intrigued by the idea of micronationalism and quickly signed up for citizenship. Given his U.S. Army experience and his drive to handle intelligence; he was appointed as the first intelligence director of the Dracul security.

Religious Targeting

Most officials within Dracul's Government were aware of Fare's Atheist views, as he had been known to speak up in disagreement during religious discussions. During Fare's time as National Security Director, he used his anti-religious views as reason for targeting religious peoples of Dracul. Whether his targeting was personally serious or simulated for effect is still unknown to this day. When Fare was confronted by Stephen Luke and others at the time of the announcement of his targeting campaign, his next actions proved to be dangerous as many saw it, along the lines of national security and freedom within the Commonwealth.

JD Ewert

JD Ewert was a Sergeant in the Dracul Army, who was a close friend of Al Fare's. While Ewert did not express any form of anti-religious views towards religions or peoples, he did join beside Fare, for reasons which many believe today to be due to solely his friendship.

First Week of Attacks

The first attack by the Draculian Rebels was launched on the 15 April, which mainly consisted of battle maps with troop movement sent back and forth between Dracul and the rebel forces. This simulated attack method eventually led into the last weeks of the attacks, consisting of GIF wars, however this made troop movement and positioning difficult to determine.

Last Weeks of Attacks

In the last weeks of the attacks and first week of May, the Federal Government mobilized and cut off resources and communications between Al Fare and the rest of the Commonwealth. A GIF war was started in a private chat, between Al Fare and members of the Dracul Armed Forces.


Al Fare eventually gave up on the 9 May 2018, signaling a victory for the people of Dracul. Al Fare was found guilty of terrorism and his citizenship was revoked. While simulations did take place during the conflict, Al Fare made it clear that his Atheist views were to be taken seriously, which resulted in defensive measures being taken by the Fed.

Reaction in Dracul