Department of Defense (Dracul)

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Dracul Department of Defense
Defense Department
Official Seal
Active2018 - Present
CountryCommonwealth of Dracul
TypeGround and Air
Size6 Soldiers
(3 Officers, 3 Enlisted)
GarrisonFort Howie, North Dracul
ColorsGold and Black
Funding10.8% (2020)
Battle HonorsRebel Conflict 2018
Bran Action 2021
Graustark War Exercise 2021
ChancellorStephen Luke
SecretaryTom Fontana
Deputy SecretaryScott Jeanes
Air Patrol

The Department of Defense of the Commonwealth of Dracul is the governing body of the Armed Forces of Dracul.


The Department of Defense was founded just prior to the Dracul Rebel Conflict of 2018, which was necessary for ground defense and surveillance. The Department was revised in 2020, making large changes to the leadership, rank structure, and professionalism.



The Army of Dracul was originally established to provide a disciplined structure for citizens who wished to join and participate in ceremonial activities.

In 2020 the Army was re-tasked and reformed into a more defensive and operational force to provide national security.

The Army is made up of five infantry divisions (2 active, 3 reserve), a Naval Support Battalion, and the 1st Army Corps.

The Army is commanded by By Field Marshal Scott Jeanes.

Air Corps

The Dracul Army-Air Corps is the aviation component of the Dracul Army. At first glance it functions as a separate branch but is in fact an internal division within the Army of Dracul.

The Air Corps’ history begins with the Dracul Air Patrol, once being it’s own separate branch operating on its own power. After the Commander’s consolidation plan of 2021 it was then absorbed into the Army and re-designated as the Air Corps.

The Air Corps provides flight operations and support, weather monitoring, drone operations, air traffic control, security, and joint operations. The Air Corps is commanded by 2nd Lieutenant Bruce Cooper

Associated Entities

Prezan Military Academy

Prezan Military Academy is the “Crown Jewel” of the Dracul Military. It is the Commonwealths equivalent of West Point and provides military education to enlisted personnel and Officers.

Prezan also provides military training for foreign military personnel and allies with the goal to standardize training, structure, and discipline.

Prezan houses Dracul’s basic training, Officer Candidate School, Noncommissioned Officer School, ROTC and JROTC.

The faculty consists of Officers of the Dracul Military as well as allied instructors from Westarctica, Heimatia, and Scone.


Rebel Conflict of 2018

In April of 2018, the Intelligence Director of Dracul Al Fare, a self-declared Atheist, stated his goals of persecuting the religious peoples of Dracul, by any means necessary. This plan was announced to Vice President Stephen Luke, who was fully opposed to the idea, stating that an operation of that nature would never be approved.

Displeased by this decision, Al Fare took it upon himself to establish a small militia group, which was eventually named "The Dracul Confederacy". Under this new name, the group claimed they were breaking away from the rest of Dracul, establishing their own territory, while still seeking plans to physically attack Dracul land.

The Rebel Conflict of 2018 officially began in a Facebook Group Chat, after several military GIFs were sent by Al Fare to the rest of the participants.

On May 9, 2018, the rebellion group announced their surrender, ceasing all forms of attack on Dracul. A formal hearing was held by Dennis Garza and a verdict of guilty was determined. Al Fare had his citizenship revoked and was banished from the community permanently.

Bran Action of 2021

In March of 2021 the Dracul Army was deployed to Bran District as part of a declaration of Martial Law.

Several members of the City Council were found guilty of abusing their powers of office and corruption. In response the President, Dmitri Howie, agreed with officials and commanders to declare Martial Law on the District.

Brigadier General Scott Jeanes assigned Colonel Connor Modena as Military Governor of the region tasked with securing and reestablishing the government.

As of 16 July 2021, the city charter and a new rules and procedures document were signed and approved by the President and elections were held.

The District is still under Martial Law pending the new government’s ability to prove self-discipline and efficiency.

Dracul-Graustarkian Affair

On 5 September 2021, The Commonwealth of Dracul declared an information war on the Graustark-Dawsbergen Principality, after Draculian Vice President Stephen Luke discovered that former Draculian citizen Charles von Graustark was spying on the Draculian government for the Graustark-Dawsbergian government.

This was then clarified as an investigation, along with a wargame perspective for the allies of Dracul. Since then, relations have improved, especially with Graustark's former leadership.