3rd Austrovian Reichstag Election

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3rd Austrovian Reichstag Election
← February 2018 April 21st, 2018 4th Austrovian Reichstag Election →

All 30 seats
15 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Ndppp.png Traditionalist.png Freedom Party.png
Leader Daisy Drake Seterah Speed Emily Drake
Party National Democratic Populist Party Traditionalist Party Freedom Party
Last election 15 6 5
Seats before 15 6 5
Seats won 13 6 4
Seat change 2 0 1

  Fourth party Fifth party
  ChristianDemocraticPartylogo.png Citizen'sParty.png
Leader Diego Drake Vacant
Party Christian Democratic Party (Austrovia) Citizen's Party
Last election 2 New Party
Seats before 2 2
Seats won 0 3
Seat change 2 1

Speaker before election

Zach Peller
National Populist Party

Elected Speaker

Zach Peller
National Democratic Populist Party

The April Reichstag Election or the 3rd Austrovian Reichstag Election will be the third legislative election in the Austrovian Empire. It was take place on April 16, extactly two months after the previous one but due to scheduling problems, the election was moved to April 21.


Party Position Seats %
Ndppp.png National Democratic Populist Party Centre 13 43%
Citizen'sParty.png Citizen's Party (Austrovia) Centre Left 3 10%
Traditionalist.png Traditionalist Party Centre Right 6 20%
Freedom Party.png Freedom Party of Austrovia Right Wing 4 13%
NationalPartyLogo.png National Party of Austrovia Centre-Right to Right Wing 4 13%