Loveland Civil War

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Loveland Civil War
DateApril 15, 2018 - April 16, 2018
Result The Treaty of Redingville

Republic of Loveland

Republic of Goshen

Empire of Loveland

  • Lovelandia Vassle (until annexation)
Commanders and leaders
Logan Denny
Levi Denny

The Loveland Civil War was a military conflict between the Republic of Loveland and the Empire of Loveland. The conflict occurred between 15 and 16 April 2018.


After the government switched from a Empire to a Republic much of the Community of the Republic of Loveland was in unrest. The nation had low stability and most of the residents of the nation did not trust their elected leader. After Logan Denny appointed Levi Denny as Vice President Levi Denny had wanted revenge for the end of the 1st Empire of Loveland. Levi Denny got some troops and stormed the town of Lebania. They changed Lebania to Kevansia after the name of the now fallen capital of the Empire of Loveland.



April 15

On April 15 was the battle of Lebania. Lebania was under siege of the Empire of Loveland Rebels. The Republic forces couldn't not get to Lebania in time. Lebania fell in an hour or so and then the Empire of Loveland had territory. At 6:00pm the Empire of Loveland attacked for Osenti. The Empire of Loveland won the battle and their territory advanced. After the Empire saw a rising threat level with the Empire as they gained miles of territory in hours the Republic of Loveland split to East and West. The East broke away and formed Lovelandia and became a vassle of the Empire of Loveland

April 16

Empire of Loveland forces march from Kevansia to Alexinari. The forces march on Alexinari. The troops were absent from Alexinari because they were on their way to Kevansia. The first town to fall was Kevansia and then a couple minutes later Alexinari fell. The Republic of Loveland quickly changed their capital to Maderistad and their President made their way to Maderistad. The Empire of Loveland did not change there capital therefore their head of government was under the occupation of the Republic of Loveland . The Empire of Loveland annexed Lovelandia making the Empire of Loveland 3 times the size as it was. The Republic of Loveland is near surrender.

April 17

Empire of Loveland forces push farther into Loveland they capture Maderistad and push The Republic of Loveland all the way to the old Kingdom of Butler, they get pushed back to the old capital of the Kingdom of Butler Redingville. The Republic Rebels form and march and free Maderistad, Alexinari, and Kevansia. But these Republic Rebels are later crushed before they are able to free the forces at Redingville. The Republic of Loveland start loosing hope. They call in their allies of the Republic of Goshen hopping they can free them. The Goshen forces start pushing and free Alexinari. Empire forces come rushing so with the land they have they establish the nation of Alexinari City State. The Alexinari City State has claims on the city of Alexinari. Republic of Goshen Retreats back to Goshen

April 18 The Republic of Loveland brings up a peace deal with the Empire becoming an independent vassal of the Republic of Loveland but the Empire denies. The Empire of Loveland pushes the Republic all they way back that they have occupied all the land outside of Redingville. The Republic of Loveland signs the treaty of Redingville.

The Treaty of Redingville. The Republic of Loveland will surrender all land to the Empire of Loveland. The Republic of Loveland's old capital of Alexinari will be closed and all civilians will be moved. The Empire of Loveland will not be able to expand anything Southwest, South, or West of the Ohio river. The Empire will also not be able to invade any more of the US outside of Hamilton County.'


The Republic of Loveland's government will return back to a Socialist Fascist Empire. Logan Denny was in exile in The Republic of Goshen. The Empire can not invade anymore of the U.S.A. other than Hamilton County.