Republic of Venstral

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Republic of Venstral
Civil Ensign
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Honouring the Past, Challenging the Future
Anthem: The Internationale
Iowa, United States
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentParliamentary Unitary Republic
• Prime Minister
Michael McAuliff
• Deputy Prime Minister
Michael Danos
LegislatureGrand People's Assembly (on hiatus)
• (as of 2018 census) census
Time zoneCST

The Republic of Venstral is a micronation co-founded by Michael McAuliff, Michael Danos, and Mike Marz on April 6 2018, in Iowa, United States. It is made up of 3 districts and 4 territories.


Venstral is a Ministerial Unitary Republic, meaning it has various Ministries that all specialize in a specific topic within the nation. Each Ministry has a certain number of Ministers and a Grand Minister. The Grand Minister is a member of the Grand People's Assembly, Venstral's Legislative Body, which congregates to hold elections. As of April 4, 2020, Prime Minister McAuliff has assumed direct control over Venstral's government until Venstral is "large, strong, and self-sustaining enough to let her people decide her future." McAuliff has placed a temporary hiatus on the Grand People's Assembly, claiming these measures are taken to "shape Venstral into a functional nation."

Grand People's Assembly

The Grand People's Assembly is currently on a hiatus while the governmental changes of Venstral are being put in place.

Formal Recognition

Venstral formally recognizes the following nations:


Venstral is made up of 3 Districts and 4 territories.


A District is the main subdivision of Venstral. The 3 Districts are: Upton, New Sicily, and New Notre Dame.


Venstral has 4 organized territories. They are the Viceroyalty of Port Marziano, Lihue Protectorate, Sjarland Protectorate, and the Protectorate of Florabama.