Federal Republic of Venstrål

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Federal Republic of Venstrål

Honouring the Past, Challenging the Future
Flag of the Strong
Iowa, United States
Capital city Upton
Largest city Upton
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Venstrål
Demonym Venstrålian
Government Ministerial Federation
- Prime Minister Michael McAuliffe
- Deputy Prime Minister Michael Danos
- Grand Minster of Legislation Mike Marz
Legislature Grand People's Assembly
- Type - Bicameral
Population 18 (as of 2018 census)
Time zone VST (Venstrålian Standard Time)
National animal American Goldfinch
Patron saint Catherine of Bologna

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The Federal Republic of Venstrål is a micronation co-founded by Michael McAuliffe, Michael Danos, and Mike Marz on April 6th 2018, in Iowa, United States. It is made up of 3 federal districts and 4 territories.


Venstrål is a Ministerial Federation, meaning it has various Ministries that all specialize in a specific topic within the nation. Each Ministry has a certain number of Ministers and a Grand Minister. The Grand Minister is a member of the Grand People's Assembly, Venstrål's Legislative Body, which congregates to hold federal elections.

Grand People's Assembly

The Grand People's Assembly, or GPA, is the main legislature of Venstrål. It has two houses, the Grand Ministers' Congregation (GMC) and the Federal Council. The members of the GMC, the Upper House, are every Grand Minister, the Prime Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minister. The Federal Council (Lower House)'s members are elective representatives that are elected by the population.

Foreign Relations

While Venstrål is not very well known across the micronational community, it still has engaged in diplomacy with a number of other micronations.

Other Nations

Venstrål has a formal alliance with the 5th Kingdom of Matachewan and is engaging in diplomacy with many other micronations, most recently the TCR.

Formal Recognition

Venstrål formally recognizes the following nations:


Venstrål is made up of 3 Federal Districts and 4 territories.

Federal Districts

A Federal District is the main subdivision of Venstrål. The 3 Federal Districts are: Upton, New Sicily, and New Notre Dame.


Venstrål has 4 organized territories. They are the Viceroyalty of Port Marziano, Lihue Protectorate, Sjarland Protectorate, and the Protectorate of Florabama.