Ratican-Saspearian War

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Ratican-Saspearian War
DateMay 2018
Result Saspearian victory

The Ratican-Saspearian War also known as the Three Weeks War was a conflict between the nations of Saspearian and what was known at the time as the Ratican Empire. Ultimately the war ended just 3 weeks following the delclaration. On 8 May the Ratican Empire made a post on the MA's Google+ community asking permission to wipe Saspearian off the map, Nations such as Senland supported the decision and it passed. A few days after Ratican declared war on Saspearian, with Ratican called to end the war due to the fact that the Ratican Empire was in New York and Saspearian being in Texas. On 29 May, 2018 the war ended and the leader of Ratican at the time gifted Saspearian an island, the island itself wasn't officially annexed by Saspearian. Despite the participation of this war there weren't any documented battles.


A treaty was signed on 29 May, 2018 which brought an end to the war.