List of micronational music artists

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This is a list of musical artists and bands originating from or associated with a micronation.


Band Genre(s) Number of songs Record label
Akkordpiano Keyboard music, Accordion music, Bartonian People's Music 3 BartPap Music
Clancy Philharmonic Independent
Electrolight Rock, EDM
Greater than Four Thousand Independent
Klopfzeichen EDM, Ambient Music, Industrial, Avant-Garde, IDM, Glitch 7 Madcat Records
I Fratelli Pop music 4 Indipendent
Masterpiece Hard rock Heavy metal 43 Warner Music
Nationality Classic Rock, Hip-hop 4 Ikonian Broadcasting
National Yurt Music Troupe 1 Yurtyzstani Government
The Diarchy Indie Rock, Pop rock, Jazz 8 Sandwich
The Fallen Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Independent


Artist Genre(s) Number of songs Record label
Barfmellow EDM 0
Barnaby Hands EDM 7 Independent
Billy Neil EDM 600+ ECRAB
Danny Kovács Classical music 30 Truth Musical Broadcasts
DJ Vemeno Alternative rock, Instrumental rock, Electronic, Noise Around 7 Independent
DJ Zeddy Dubstep, EDM, Electropop, House 10 Independent
Dromedario Armeno Pop music 7 Independent
F0rtn1te DumpST3R Comedy music, covers 7 Zmusic Records
Maung Maung Yurt Classical music Yurtyzstani Government
Sarah 4
Scott Harwood Electronic Music, Ambient Music, Industrial, Trance Around 800 Shedpop
Succ Vaporwave 15+ Independent
Toad the Coverer Classic rock, covers 5 Lowzboy Music
Vickie Bickie Hip-hop/rap 1 Independent
yung foot fetish Rap, hip-hip 2
Zinjin Piano-Horror, Classcial Music Around 25 Zmusic Records

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