List of micronational music artists

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This is a list of musical artists and bands originating from or associated with a micronation.


Band Genre(s) Number of songs Record label
Akkordpiano Keyboard music, Accordion music, Bartonian People's Music 3 BartPap Music
Clancy Philharmonic Independent
Electronic Experiment Academic electronic music, Chiptune, Techno, Electro 5 Agelonoton
Electrolight Rock, EDM
Greater than Four Thousand Independent
Klopfzeichen EDM, Ambient Music, Industrial, Avant-Garde, IDM, Glitch 7 Madcat Records
Life Pineapple Electronic, Psychedelic 15 Independent
Masterpiece Hard rock Heavy metal 43 Warner Music
Nationality Classic Rock, Hip-hop 4 Ikonian Broadcasting
National Yurt Music Troupe 1 Yurtyzstani Government
Neo 80 Disco and Synth Agelonoton
Diarchy Indie rock, Alternative, Instrumental rock 16 Sandwich
The Fallen Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Independent


Artist Genre(s) Number of songs Record label
Barfmellow EDM 0
Barnaby Hands EDM 7 Independent
Billy Neil EDM 600+ ECRAB
CNRD Alternative rock, Electronic, Pop music, Hip-hop 3 Independent
Danny Kovács Classical music 30 Truth Musical Broadcasts
DJ Vemeno Alternative rock, Instrumental rock, Electronic, Noise Around 12 Gabelheit Records
DJ Zeddy Dubstep, EDM, Electropop, House 10 Independent
Dromedario Armeno Pop music 7 Independent
Enzo Decourchevel Classical Savant popular 3 Independant
F0rtn1te DumpST3R Comedy music, covers 7 Zmusic Records
Lavris Mayo Pop song 5 Independant
Lepeas Lovet Pop Rock, Phonk 8 Independant
li Dariacore 0 Independent
Maung Maung Yurt Classical music Yurtyzstani Government
Peir'Cussions Experimental music 12 Independent
Sarah 4
Scott Harwood Electronic Music, Ambient Music, Industrial, Trance Around 800 Shedpop
Succ Vaporwave 15+ Independent
robot leg Glitch 1 Independent
Toad the Coverer Classic rock, covers 5 Lowzboy Music
Xe0 Experimental 50+ LOCKERVILLE
Zinjin Piano-Horror, Classcial Music Around 25 Zmusic Records

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