The Fallen (Cheslovian band)

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The fallen
Origin Oxford, UK
Genre(s) Grunge (early), Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative
Years active 2007 - Onward
Influences Korn, Slipknot, System of a down, Mindless Self Indulgence, Deathstars
Members Urosh Dushanov, Vasili Uladimov, Karim Islomov
Former members Boris Groznayev 2007 - 2010

The Fallen is a Cheslovian band originating from Oxford, England. The main music styles of the band include Grunge, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal and Hard Rock, as well as other types of styles from the "Metal" genre of music. It was not until 2 April 2009 that The Fallen decided to enter the micronational community and become an official Cheslovian band.


The idea for a band was created during mid 2007, mainly by Urosh Dushanov and was originally meant to be a side project from micronationationalism. He proposed the ideas to Boris Groznayev, Vasili Uladimov (currently a well known Pianist in Cheslovia), Aigor Pleven and Ilya Borok. All but Boris Groznayev did not take the idea seriously. Originaly the band was intended as a macronational project, however it was allowed to emerge in both macronational and micronational communities. Prior to 5th Febrary 2010 the band was called "Grunge Crusade", Boris Groznayev has become an inactive band member by this time, leaving Urosh Dushanov as the only member in the band for a short while until he pursuaded Vasili Uladimov to be the replacement for Boris, soon after a new citizen (at that time) called Karim Islomov joined the band and volunteered to play back up guitar.


Urosh Dushanov - Lead Guitar, Bass
Karim Islomov - Guitar
Vasili Uladimov - Drums


In 2010 The Fallen plans to create at least one demo CD of both covers and original songs.

Cultural importance

As with many aspects of Cheslovian culture, the band is important in expressing Cheslovian music and Cheslovian styles of music.

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