Epic Action Movie

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Epic Action Movie is a 2019 New Eiffelic action spy comedy short film written, directed and produced by Zarel Smith, starring Smith and Janus Smith. The film was jointly produced by Farkasok és Szar Studios and Spooked Out! Productions.

The film was Spooked Out! Productions' first film produced, and proved to be a critical success, particularly being praised for its slapstick comedy, acting, story and practical effects, although received criticism for its poor direction and mediocre cinematography. The film was also another massive hit for Farkasok és Szar Studios, after its first film, Scissor: Dawn of a New Game (2018) was widely considered to be one of the best films produced in New Eiffel.[1]

The film won three New Eiffelic Short Film awards, the most ever received yet, Best Picture, Best Story and Best Screenplay.


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