Annual New Eiffelic Short Film Award

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The Annual New Eiffelic Short Film Award is an annual series of awards given to films in the New Eiffel film industry.

2019 Awards

The 2019 film awards were given on 16 January 2020. There were eight categories.

Category Film Remarks
Best Picture Epic Action Movie "An up-beat fun, silly action adventure that will catch a good few laughs, despite its not-so-good cinematography and poor direction."
Best Acting Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken "Janus Smith gives an excellent performance as Med-Evil Ghost, a happy-go-lucky vicious murderer, while Zabëlle Skye also plays his roles proficiently."
Best Story Epic Action Movie "A decently well-written and easy to follow plot, with a nice few quick jokes to go with it."
Best Make-up, Set Design and Costume Star Warz: The Stone Age "The spaceship scenes from the opening are excellently designed, in spite of their lack of budget."
Best Editing Dimensions: Choices "From scene to scene, top-notch editing is what makes the surreal in tempore genre, and what saves the film."
Best Location Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken "Beautiful scenery all around, from the bright and lovely park, to the misty tavern."
Best Camera Work Star Warz: The Stone Age "All in all, nicely filmed."
Best Screenplay Epic Action Movie "In spite of the somewhat lack of direction at times, the script allowed for minimal retakes, somehow still earning it the honour of Best Picture."