Med-Evil Ghost (character)

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This article is about the character. For other uses, see Med-Evil Ghost (disambiguation)
"Med-Evil Ghost", real name Osbert (1293–1318) is a fictional character who appears in the titular Med-Evil Ghost film series. He is a spiritual entity who massacres anyone who vandalises his grave located in the fictional Heritage Park of Donald Grangkill. Upon Osbert's death, a curse was placed on the site of his burial so that if anyone disrespects, vandalises or loots his grave he will come back to life as a spirit to kill them.

Med-Evil Ghost is the antagonist in Med-Evil Ghost and Med-Evil Ghost II, and protagonist in Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken. The character was created by jOOST Smith, who consistently portrays Med-Evil Ghost. jOOST won the award for Best Acting for his performance as Med-Evil Ghost in Curse Broken at the First Annual New Eiffelic Short Film Awards.



Osbert was born in 1293.