Classical Claw Films

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Classical Claw Films
Film Studio
Logo of Spooked Out! Productions 2019.jpeg
Founded15 April 2019
Area servedNew Eiffel
ProductsShort films

Classical Claw Films is a New Eiffelic short-film studio founded on 15 April 2019. Classical Claw Films is often proclaimed as the best surrealist film studio in New Eiffel, and is also credited for starting the modern surrealism era in New Eiffelic films.


Classical Claw Films has released three films, with another one in preproduction.

# Title Release date Notes
1 Being Born Twelve Times 30 June 2019
2 Chair 10 July 2019 Co-produced by Zfilms.
3 Protect tHE Earth 13 July 2019

Upcoming films

# Title Release date Notes
4 Capitalism August 2019

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